Kimberly Guilfoyle Attacks Rachel Maddow For Not Airing Trump’s Speech

Kimberly Guilfoyle Attacks Rachel Maddow For Not Airing Trump’s Speech

Kimberly Guilfoyle attacked Rachel Maddow for not giving Trump the air time to showcase his lies on MSNBC.


Guilfoyle said, “She’s apparently omniscient. They should give her a bump and a pay raise there because she’s all-seeing and all-knowing. She can see and predict into the future. She knows exactly what President Trump is going to say. Psychic Friends Network. It’s ridiculous. It’s sickening. It’s so bias (sic).” Guilfoyle then complained about Anderson Cooper on CNN pointing out that nobody held the door open for Trump when he left the courthouse.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle is Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancee.

The Trumps are upset that they didn’t get wall-to-wall free media coverage for Trump’s deranged speech at Mar-a-Lago. Trump was so lie-filled and unhinged that TV networks cut him off. Out of the three cable networks, MSNBC was the only one not to give Trump’s speech any live coverage.

MSNBC was monitoring the speech and Rachel Maddow was told that there was nothing newsworthy happening. It wasn’t Maddow’s call to not air the speech live.

Trump didn’t make it two minutes into his speech without lying, so MSNBC didn’t need to be psychic to know where the former president was going.

Trump had to get arrested to get mainstream media coverage.

That’s not media bias. It’s reality for a presidential candidate whose act has been stale for years. It isn’t 2016 anymore, and Trump won’t get an unfettered platform for his lies.

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