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Fox News Bends the Knee: Won’t Publish Leaked Ukraine Documents Casting Doubt About War Progress


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Fox News chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin stated the network will not publish leaked classified Pentagon documents that have shocked the administration and intelligence community in recent days.

The documents, which have leaked on social media, apparently reveal spying techniques by the United States on both allies and enemies alike, along with intelligence on the war in Ukraine.

Among the revelations are doubts about the war effort, and the bombshell news that American special forces are on the ground in Ukraine.

The Daily Mail is reporting this morning that over a dozen American special forces are on the ground in Ukraine, operating in a warzone against Russian forces, according to some of the papers.

The Biden administration does not know who is behind the leaks, how extensive the scope of the document dump may be, nor have they confirmed the authenticity of the trove of records already leaked.

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Fox News Won’t Publish Leaked Documents

Describing the leaked Pentagon documents as potentially “worse than the Edward Snowden” case, Griffin told colleagues that details about the scope and scale “remain sparse.”

Griffin, appearing on “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” said “some of the documents appear to have been altered,” but “many of the other documents have not.”

She speculated that the “source of the leak may not be inside the Pentagon” based on the fact that some of the leaked documents were folded while top officials receive documents via iPad.

“The revelations have sent shockwaves through the Pentagon and the national security establishment,” Griffin said before stating Fox News had agreed not to share the actual documents.

“Fox News has agreed, along with other news organizations, not to publish the leaked highly classified documents,” she said.

Now, I didn’t go to Yale, but isn’t that the exact purpose of a news organization?

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Kirby Warned Media Not to Share

Griffin’s comments on publishing the leaked documents comes following a warning by White House National Security spokesman John Kirby about sharing in the media.

“Again, without confirming the validity of the documents, this is information that has no business in the public domain,” he said during a press briefing earlier this week.

“It has no business — if you don’t mind me saying — on the front pages of newspapers or on television,” added Kirby. “It is not intended for public consumption, and it should not be out there.”

Journalist Michael Tracey questioned Fox News’ decision not to publish the material.

“What, just as a favor to the Pentagon or something? Being a team player?” he asked on Twitter.

“What reason would there even be to ‘agree’ to anything in this situation?”

Would the media and Fox News alike band together and refuse to publish leaked classified documents if they came out during the Trump administration?

Would the Pentagon have even bothered to request they not put the material out in the public domain? Especially if they reflected poorly on that administration?

Axios is reporting that the leak has the potential “threaten” the “Biden doctrine.”

“The leak is threatening to undermine two defining planks of (the President’s) foreign policy: strengthening U.S. alliances and supporting Ukraine,” they write.

Huh. Maybe that’s the reason.

NPR was recently slapped with a ‘government funded media’ label on Twitter.

No word on if other organizations will be reviewed for their status now that they’ve bowed to the Biden government and refused to publish the latest leaked documents.

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