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Jordan Klepper Perfectly Takes Down The NRA


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The Daily Show guest host Jordan Klepper showed how the NRA’s culture of fear leads to gun violence and shootings.


Klepper said:

The real purpose of an NRA convention isn’t to tell fun family stories of childhood abandonment. No, it’s to explain why all the gun violence of the last year had nothing to do with guns. In the past, they blamed video games, rap music, and for a brief period in the ’90s, the Rachel. It could be anything. Well, not anything. It can’t be guns, but anything else. And this year was no different.

If you’re blaming gun violence on weed, you’re not even trying anymore. These people are just name-checking things they don’t understand on the news. It’s weed! It’s ChatGPT! It’s Love Is Blind crashing Netflix. Is that a thing? Is that a thing? Is it a thing?

And this isn’t just the NRA deflecting. They’re stoking these fears, fears of rampant crime, trans people, wokeness, mutant doobies. It’s all coming to get you. And you know what happens when you combine a culture of fear and guns?

You get the story that just came out of Kansas City, where a kid trying to pick up his siblings knocked on the wrong door and got shot and wounded by the homeowner. That kid wasn’t shot by weed or social media. He was shot by a scared person with a gun. And this is the climate the NRA’s stoking. They’re the irresponsible loudmouth hiding in the woods, making bear noises, scratching on trees so that you feel scared enough to go and get yourself a [bleep] gun.

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The entire point of each NRA gathering is to find something else to blame gun violence on while making people so scared that they will go out and buy more guns.

The NRA is the most effective scare tactic marketing scam in American history. The NRA isn’t an organization that is interested in freedom or the Second Amendment. The NRA is an extension of the gun manufacturing industry,.

They exist only to sell more guns, and the only way to disempower them is to start treating them like gun salespeople instead of a political constituency that must be appealed to.

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