How to Fix Oversalted Soup

How to Fix Oversalted Soup

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Nothing beats a bowl of soup — no matter the season. Winter calls for hearty beef stew, while in spring and summer I lean toward more veggie-friendly options like gazpacho. When applied properly, salt helps foods taste like the best version of themselves, bringing out sweetness, tempering bitterness, and amplifying aromas. But if your first slurp of soup tastes strongly of salt, do not despair. There are several ways to save a pot of soup that has been oversalted. 

The Difference Between Table and Kosher Salt

Salt is in practically every ingredient list, no matter how simple the recipe. Its ubiquity may lead you to underestimate the differences between brands and styles of salt. First, kosher salt and table salt are not created equal. Table salt is made of fine grains of consistently sized cube-shaped salt. Because of its small size and consistent shape, table salt packs densely into measuring spoons, resulting in more salt when measured by volume.

Why Is My Soup Oversalted?

Oversalting soups often occurs for many reasons, including these common ones. 

How to Fix a Soup That’s Too Salty

Will Adding a Potato Save an Oversalted Soup?

You may have heard the common culinary fable that adding a peeled potato can soak up excess salt. We tested this tip and were underwhelmed by the results. The potato soaked up some of the liquid (and thus, some of the salt), but it did not single out the salt on its own. That said, it’s best to use the methods mentioned above instead.

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