A new NBC News poll found that 68% of Republican voters still support Trump after he has been charged with 34 felony counts in Manhattan.

Via: NBC News:
Sixty-eight percent of GOP primary voters agree with the statement that the investigations into Trump are politically motivated and are designed to stop him from being president again, and that they must support him now to stop his opponents from winning.

That’s compared with 26% who agree with the opposite statement — that it’s important to nominate a different candidate who won’t be distracted and who can focus only on beating Biden in the general election.

Yet among all voters — not just Republicans — 52% believe that Trump is being held to the same standard as anyone else accused of doing what he did as he faces charges in New York. Another 43% disagree and say he’s being unfairly targeted.

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The same NBC News poll also found that Trump leads DeSantis, 46%-31% in the Republican presidential primary. Mike Pence is in third at 6% and all other candidates have 3% or less support. In order for DeSantis to have a chance of catching Trump he would need virtually all of the vote from the rest of the field to go his way.

The big number that is worth paying attention to in the poll is the 52%-43% split on the question of whether Trump is being treated like everyone else. That number could be more reflective of the breakdown of a potential Biden/Trump rematch than any of the other data.

Republicans are looking like they are the party of crime, and their voters appear to be on a different planet than the rest of the 2024 electorate.

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