Senator Calls Out Republicans For Concerted Campaign To Ban Abortion

Senator Calls Out Republicans For Concerted Campaign To Ban Abortion

Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) made it clear that the abortion bans being enacted in red states are not individual decisions but part of a coordinated Republican plan to take away healthcare freedom.


Smith told CNN’s Jim Acosta when he asked about the Supreme Court’s stay on the ruling banning the abortion pill:

I worked at Planned Parenthood where I saw everyday women make good decisions about their own health care, and they don’t need politicians telling them what to do for people who live in states where abortion is still, that freedom is still protected. They can know that for now, they will still have access to abortion medication.

But as your piece before I came on showed women in states all over the country are losing that access. And this isn’t just happening now. This is part of a concerted campaign by this Republican Party to strip away that freedom and I worked at Planned Parenthood when I saw this longstanding effort to ban abortion, and that is really what we are seeing and states across the country and I think that’s what we would see at the federal level if they had the vote.

The abortion issue is a freedom issue. Republicans are trying to take away from the majority of the US population the freedom to control their own bodies and make their own healthcare decisions. Every American who values individual freedom should be outraged by what Republicans are doing.

These bans are not isolated individual decisions that are being made by state governments. The bans are a coordinated campaign to defacto ban abortion in the United States. Sen. Smith was correct. If Republicans had control of the government, they would ban abortion.

The media tends to treat the theft of rights as individual acts, but they need to see the bigger picture. If Americans wish to remain free, they need to stop those who are determined to destroy the most personal of individual liberties.

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