Clarence Thomas has gotten himself caught in another lie as his secret Republican donor Harlan Crow did have business before the Supreme Court.


Bloomberg reported:

Bloomberg reviewed dozens of state and federal cases involving companies that the Crow family has owned or had a financial stake in since Thomas’ 1991 confirmation. Nearly all of these disputes played out at the trial and appellate level and didn’t reach the Supreme Court.

In January 2005, though, the court declined to hear an appeal from an architecture firm that wanted more than $25 million from Trammell Crow Residential Co. for allegedly misusing copyrighted building designs. When the court issued a one-sentence order denying the petition, there were no noted recusals — indicating that Thomas participated — and no noted dissents.

Justice Neil Gorsuch was outed for a shady real estate deal with the owner of a law firm that has had 22 cases come before the court since he was confirmed.
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Clarence Thomas is clearly compromised, and even worse he has hidden the details of the gifts that he has taken from a Republican donor. The idea that the gifts were fine because the donor had no business before the court has been proven false.

Justice Thomas continues to lie, which is why a congressional investigation isn’t enough. The Department of Justice needs to open an investigation into Clarence Thomas.



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