The Pentagon Proves Tucker Carlson Right by Publicly Celebrating His Firing

The Pentagon Proves Tucker Carlson Right by Publicly Celebrating His Firing

In a house full of Fox News fans, I watch a relatively small percentage. However, I enjoy “America’s Newsroom” with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer and try to catch Brett Baier when I can – I’m more of a digital news junky.

I don’t typically watch the news at night, but I knew the announcement that Tucker Carlson was parting ways with Fox News, or the other way around, was a huge deal if for no other reason than the exuberant celebration from the left. I did enjoy the news that CNN had fired Don Lemon – after all, all’s fair in love and war, even in media.

But what really caught my eye was the not-so-subtle exultation from the five-sided building out here in the Beltway of their nemesis’ removal from American television screens.

Hard to argue that the military isn’t politicized when they publicly applaud the dismissal of a political commentator who was vehemently critical of their system.

An Official Statement

Kevin Baron, Executive Editor of DefenseOne, penned an article titled ‘How Tucker Carlson Helped Turn Americans Against the Military.’

I don’t blame you for those unfamiliar with DefenseOne; you are not the audience. Politicians, bureaucrats, and insiders are. This outlet is owned by GovExec, which feeds fluff pieces to the U.S. government to ensure they always feel special and important.

For those who made it up in the ranks, we were highly encouraged to subscribe to DefenseOne to ensure we understood what was happening in our industry – essentially ensuring that leaders ‘read their own press clippings’ as the saying goes. Why does this matter?

Because this article is the unofficial official statement of your Department of Defense on the firing of a journalist who was well known for laying into the DOD. What this article states you can bet 99% of your military leaders believe.

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For example, Mr. Baron writes:

“Night after night on his talk show, Carlson blasted the military in ways that previous conservative voices would not dare.”

This is a factual statement, but is meant as a veiled warning to other conservative pundits who may wish to do the same.

Part of the problem with our formerly called War Department is that not enough people would dare to question the military; in fact, it is one of the few federal agencies that, until recently, enjoyed almost universal trust from the American public.

Tucker’s Crimes

So what is it that Tucker did to incense military brass and officials?

He questioned their policies related to diversity training, critical race theory, transgender troops, support for Ukraine, and lack of preparation to fight China – how dare Tucker have an opinion!

Mr. Baron champions the most senior General claiming Tucker had a singular role in the following:

“We all know why the right hates Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, who still draws fire on social media as a “traitor” who declined to offer “total loyalty” to his erratic, ill-informed, and authoritarian Commander-in-Chief.”

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General Mark Milley draws fire on social media because he spent more time worried about “white rage” than about how to execute a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Mr. Baron claims that the decline in confidence in the military from 70% down to 56% on the highly respected Reagan Forum poll is due to what he dubs “the Carlson effect.”

The decline is due to Americans watching in horror in real time as Afghans fell to their deaths from our mobility aircraft, and our allies were left to fend for themselves. Let’s not forget the “righteous airstrike” that killed ten civilians – including seven children – in retaliation for the murder of 13 of our service members at Abbey Gate.

Look In The Mirror

Tucker Carlson is not why the military is struggling with recruitment and is not why Americans are finding themselves less confident in the leadership at the Pentagon. Last year Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth blamed the negative press for low recruitment, claiming that outlets covering mental health issues and rampant sexual assault were a culprit.

Perhaps the DOD should do something tangible about mental health issues and sexual assault versus blaming the media for covering said issues.

But you can pick from a litany of DOD malfunctions when it comes to low recruitment and disapproval:

  • COVID-19 policies that ruined the careers of thousands
  • Woke DOD Diversity Chief allowed continuing employment
  • Extremist Down Day that found little to no extremists
  • Drag Queen Story Hour at various military bases
  • Botched withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Missed‘ spy balloons

Tucker Carlson might not be my cup of tea, but he is not the reason the military is plummeting in the approval polls; it’s because the military cares more about pandering to special interest groups and rotating negligent self-serving Generals and Admirals into cushy civilian gigs as Pentagon officials or defense contractor board members. 

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A New Threat

A senior DOD official told Politico regarding Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News:

“We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Why don’t we have a name for this official? It could be because senior DOD officials aren’t supposed to comment on political issues. After all, the military is supposed to be apolitical. The very thing Tucker Carlson has been warning us about.

It should alarm you that someone considered a senior DOD official thinks our country is better off when dissenting views are silenced. That thinking is un-American and has more of a Communist China flavor. 

The DefenseOne article pointed out:

“Over the past few years, Gallup has found rising support for Russia and less for Ukraine; more support for Israel and less for Palestinians; more support for border security and less for Mexico; and so on.”

There you have it, folks; this is the position of your U.S. government. Think about this for a minute; taking out the support for Russia, this article insinuates that it’s bad to have increased support for Israel and border security.

The article ended with this warning to upcoming Generals:

“Later this year, a new crop of top uniformed Pentagon leaders will rise to replace Milley and several of the retiring service branch chiefs. They had better plan a good defense. Tucker’s coming at them.”

A bit dramatic for my taste, but I’ll counter with this warning. As leaders of the DOD, all Generals and Admirals should plan a good defense by being righteous, strong, ethical leaders focused on winning America’s wars.

Do that, and you have nothing to worry about. Don’t, and you’ll have more than just Tucker Carlson to fear; you’ll answer to those you are charged with defending. 

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