Cruz Mocks Biden Admin for Pushing All Electric Military Vehicles: Hopefully Our Enemies Will Be Nice Enough to Install Charging Stations

Cruz Mocks Biden Admin for Pushing All Electric Military Vehicles: Hopefully Our Enemies Will Be Nice Enough to Install Charging Stations

Senator Ted Cruz mocked Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after she voiced support for the military to convert to an all-electric vehicle fleet.

Cruz’s comments came after Granholm told lawmakers during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing of the administration’s push for the EV military force.

Senator Joni Ernst inquired as to whether the administration supports the military’s adoption of an “EV fleet by 2030.”

“I do, and I think we can get there, as well,” Granholm replied.

“I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally traded fossil fuels where we know that global events like the war in Ukraine can jack up prices for people back home… does not contribute to energy security,” she added.

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Granholm and the Biden Administration Want Military Vehicles to Be Electric

President Biden signed an executive order “further embedding environmental justice” into the mission of federal agencies.

The EO “makes clear that the pursuit of environmental justice is a duty of all executive branch agencies and should be incorporated into their missions.”

All well and good for some government departments. The five branches of the military, however?

There once was a time when it was the military’s job to win wars, not worry about the carbon emissions from their M1 Abrams tank.

Cruz fired off a snarky tweet as he shared the clip of Granholm saying she supports an all-electric vehicle fleet for our fighting men and women.

“It would be really convenient if the Russians and the Chinese communists would erect charging stations every 100 miles for the Biden EV tank,” he quipped.

I’m thinking army jeeps and the aforementioned M1 Abrams tanks rolling across suspect terrain in foreign lands aren’t going to come anywhere near 100 miles on a full charge.

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Is It Intentional?

It’s difficult not to assume that the military trying to rush conversion to an unreliable all-electric fleet as Granholm desires is a blatant effort to ensure we never win another conflict on the world stage.

Remember the Battle of Agincourt? Of course, you do. We’d all sit around the campfire and listen to Grandpa tell stories about the battle that took place in … 1415.

Anyway, the battle, part of the Hundred Years War, is known for the English use of the longbow to defeat the numerically superior French army. The French couldn’t overcome the technology despite their numbers.

Our military going into battle with all-electric vehicles? We’re the French in that scenario.

Granholm interjecting the Ukraine war as a reason for high gas prices is especially rich.

She outright laughed at the notion the Department of Energy would do anything about skyrocketing gas prices as they were already climbing in 2021 – before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Graham also predicted “we are going to turn the corner in early 2022 in terms of pricing at the pump.”

That prediction, to put it mildly, did not come true. Gas prices are up 20 cents on average from last month across the country.

Must be that Putin’s price hike again, even as Biden took credit for prices at the pump dropping moderately prior to that.

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