Former Tucker Carlson producer Abby Grossberg said that Fox News doesn’t care about truth and is only concerned with money and ratings.

Listen to Grossberg’s full interview on NPR’s Morning Edition:

Via NPR:

Misogyny was “blatant” on Carlson’s show and across Fox News, Abby Grossberg, a former senior booker for Tucker Carlson Tonight told NPR’s Leila Fadel on Morning Edition.

“They don’t care about telling the truth and they don’t care about women,” Grossberg said of Fox News. “All they care about are ratings and revenue.”

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Fox News made a big show out of claiming that they had cleaned up their culture after ousting Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, but from Grossberg’s inside account, it appears that nothing has changed. The faces on camera are different, but the behavior remains the same.

It is long past time for the rest of the media and the majority of the country to reject the premise that Fox is news. Just because an organization hires some journalists doesn’t mean they are committed to truth and journalism.

The Murdochs keep throwing hosts and on-air talent out the door without ever acknowledging that they are the reason for the cultural problems at Fox News.
Fox News is toxic to its viewers, toxic to its employees, and bad for the country. As long as the network keeps raking in massive carriage fees, which are the fees that all cable and satellite customers pay to Fox whether they watch the network or not, nothing will change.

Millions of Americans who never watch Fox and may disagree with the agenda the network pushes are subsidizing the network.

Americans shouldn’t be paying for a network that is a hub of misogyny and doesn’t care about the truth. It is not enough to turn off Fox. It’s time to cut off their cash.

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