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Plantain Frittata Recipe | Kitchn


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Fried sweet plantains always transport me back to my childhood kitchen. I remember watching my mom peel and slice ripened plantains with an ease that, over two decades later, I still cannot manage to replicate. She would hold the plantain in one hand and carefully, but very quickly, slice it into a bowl. I’ve always been amazed by my mom for countless reasons, and her adeptness at prepping plantains continues to be very high on that list.

On weekends, our staple breakfast was eggs with a side of dodo (fried plantain) — a meal that is incredibly familiar to most Nigerians. Typically, the eggs are fried with red onion, tomatoes, pepper, and sometimes tinned sardines (although I am personally not a fan of sardines). When I was a kid, it was just as commonplace as milk and cereal or eggs and bacon to many of my friends at school.

This plantain frittata is an ode to the innumerable mornings I’ve spent eating eggs and plantain. It also feels like a metaphor for my life as a Nigerian American in recipe form. Food has kept me very steadily tethered to my cultural heritage, but it’s also allowed me to learn so much about America and the rest of the world. Here, I use red onions, tomatoes, and cayenne to replicate the Nigerian-style eggs I grew up eating, but cooked frittata-style.

The star of the show is the plantains layered across the top of the frittata. You’ll lightly pan-fry them until they begin to crisp up and caramelize. Right before you pop the frittata in the oven, you’ll layer the sliced plantains across the top. Doing so guarantees the perfect bite of soft, savory eggs and ripe, sweet plantains. Finish it off with some sliced avocado and a healthy splash of hot sauce. Welcome to my new favorite frittata.

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