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Rep. Ted Lieu Says Trump Lost The 2024 Election At CNN Town Hall


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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) predicted that the 2024 presidential election won’t be close as Trump’s answers at the CNN town hall were a goldmine for Democrats.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

America now knows after almost eight years of Trump exposure that the former president doesn’t just say things to get votes. He really believes and will follow through on items like a national abortion ban and helping Russia take over Ukraine. Trump will destroy democracy in the United States. These are things that will happen if Trump returns to the White House.

Rep. Lieu was correct. The CNN Town Hall was viewed by a tiny fraction of those who will be voting in the 2024 general election. Exponentially more 2024 voters will see and hear all of the ads that Democrats are going to make off of Trump’s appearance on CNN.

Democrats will also use Trump’s words against 2024 Republican House and Senate candidates.

Trump has consistently been the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats.  The odds of him returning to the White House after losing in 2020 were already not great,  and the former president gave Democrats a big leg up with a town hall appearance that should remind voters of why he is unfit for the White House.

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