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This Viral Method Promises to Deliver the Crispiest Fried Chicken Ever


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About once or twice a week, I stumble across a kitchen or cooking hack that I feel is worth sharing with the world. Typically, I find that the hacks are either efficient, time-saving, or just jaw-droppingly awesome. My latest hack that I’ve found, however, has me somewhat on the fence — although it’s definitely worth looking into.

The original post made by TikTok user @Nasyhevrt began to circulate, and it’s one that has a lot of viewers running to their kitchens to give it a try. In the hack, the content creator is seen demonstrating a trick he uses to make his fried chicken extremely crispy, all while minimizing the mess caused after dropping a piece of breaded chicken into hot grease.

You may wonder how this is accomplished, and the answer is simply, with water. The original video shows Nasy taking a breaded piece of chicken and completely dunking it in water and letting the excess completely stop dripping before placing it into a pan of grease. 

Now I will admit that this method sounds quite unorthodox, but the results speak for themselves. After frying, the pieces of chicken came out extremely crunchy (almost too crunchy, if you ask me) and neither grease nor breading splatter were left behind.

Based on other user’s comments, there appears to be mixed feelings about this hack. Some users seem to be intrigued, while others appear to be almost upset. I, however, subscribe to the idea of “don’t knock it until you try it.” 

Although I probably won’t fry all my pieces of chicken this way, the next time I heat up some oil I will put a few pieces to the side to try this out myself. Who knows, Nasy may have just changed the chicken-frying game for all of us.

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