Rolling into week 5 of this Keto lifestyle and feeling good. I do think this might be my shortest entry as not much changes now bar the obvious. I feel both Mark and myself have now settled into this lifestyle and its…. Well, its just daily life for us. Neither of us struggles with stuff now. I’d lie if I said we never had cravings for things, but neither of us are tempted. In fact I feel it’s no different from before the diet where you might fancy an apple, or chocolate, maybe KFC? It’s just a ‘fancy’ and not something you would necessarily have.


The Keto Diet – Week 5. First workoutThis past week I’ve taking to hitting the treadmill again. When I say hitting it I don’t mean HARD WORKOUT! I do like to walk, or I did before I fell ill 5 years ago with Psoriatic Arthritis and it took a lot of the things I enjoyed away. I’ve just been taking it nice and gentle and concentrated on duration rather than speed.

This is the details of my first workout. I’ll maybe share one each week so to show my improvements etc. I didn’t push myself with this one as I said, nice and gentle. I really enjoyed it too and it was great to see that I didn’t get off exhausted afterwards. Before 10 minutes walking could tire me. So this keto lifestyle is definitely doing something good for me.

Anything new you’ve noticed?

If I don’t drink enough (I think this goes for Mark too), the following day I feel like shit. I also wake up almost every morning with the driest throat! I am not generally a mouth breather (Less I’ve a cold) and have asked Mark a few times if I was snoring (A sign I am congested which usually results in a dry, sore throat) and he’s said I haven’t been. So I think this is a Keto thing.

Although Mark and I don’t test our urine often with Keto strips both of us still sit around the High 8,0 on the test strips. So I feel we are in ketosis. I’ve never noticed the keto breath I always hear about, but my god do I know about Keto pee! Seriously, going for a pee makes me want to gag. The smell of keto pee is exactly like they describe, fruity and sweet. Like nasty toilet cleaner! I don’t think we are fat adapted yet, from what I’ve read. Well, Mark may be but I don’t feel I am.

Mark’s weight loss shows a lot. You can see he’s not as wide anymore. He’s lost his arse! Plus when I look at him side on the belly is shrinking! He’s even tried on jeans he’s been unable to wear in months (Over a year easily) and can get those on!

I think mine shows in my face. My clothes are now too big or baggier. I bought some pretty vests for Summer from George at Asda. Both were 18’s and I did debate sending them back for something smaller. They fit perfect now, but who knows what they will be like in a month or two.

My jeans are 18’s. I bought a new pair from Dorothy Perkins at the weekend (The 18’s looked too big and bought the 16 instead). Dorothy Perkins jeans are generously cut I find. These jeans were a little tight in hips/waist. But in the leg fitted great (Shame about the length so I’m swapping them for the petite leg pair). I also bought a couple of cheap T-shirts, both were 16’s. My bust definitely going that’s for sure.

I’m doing my measurements next week, I know they will be less but I am slightly disappointed by my weight loss. Now I understand why people do the ‘no weight’ method of Keto!


Honestly we’ve not tried anything new this week. Maybe I’ll have a new recipe for you next week.

Weight loss?

So, as I end this post I thought I’d share with you the weight loss for this week.

Mark’s weight loss is starting to slow a bit. He knows this will happen and I think as long as the loss is showing he will stay motivated. His loss this week was 5lbs. Taking his total to 33.6lbs.

My loss this week has been rather disappointing. Mark and I always say any loss is good right?! But I just thought I’d have lost more. My loss though was only 1.3kg (Or 2.8lbs). Taking my total loss to 7.6kg (Or 16.7lbs).

-Mel x



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