Week 6 in the 30SM house on Keto. I hate repeating myself in posts, but this keto lifestyle is just, well life now. We know what we are doing. We know what we can and cannot have. There aren’t cravings anymore. Its just, well easy if I’m honest. In the beginning I felt at times each new day bought a challenge. Most of these were just the side effects of getting used to the diet. Now I wake up (Most days) refreshed and ready to go. I have more energy, as does Mark and we do a lot more together. He even suggested going into town next weekend (This man hates town on a Saturday!).

We sat and had a long chat on Sunday and its great to see Mark motivated about something again. Dare I say, even excited? He is bursting with motivation and wanting to do stuff again. This is something that again I think we have to thank Keto for. It hasn’t just been a physical journey, but a mental one too.

What’s new?

keto week 6 workoutI’ve continued my walking exercise and try and have my daily steps on my Apple Watch at at least 6000 a day. Too many this may seem a small number, but for me who 2 months ago would feel terrible at 3000 a day is a huge goal. My arthritis is so much better now and I don’t feel this is due to weight loss at all. I do think the diet changes are what have helped and now can’t see myself eating any other way. Definitely do not want to go back to those days of constant pain, no energy and feeling like I’ve flu all day everyday.

I do have to watch myself though. It is easy to over do it and that’s something I am having to learn, my limits. Arthritis really took a good 5-6 years of my life and changed me. It feels exciting to get a piece of the old me back and I look forward to discovering more.


My weight loss hasn’t been great these past 2 weeks. Even though I have stuck religiously to the diet. Not once have I (Or Mark) had anything we shouldn’t. After having a read and a think, I realised chances were my macros did need altering.

When I first did my macros they were based on my activity level being sedentary. Now I am lightly active (I’m not in full work out mode but do light activity at least 5 times a week). I used the Ruled Me site for my Macros and have been trying these new figures it suggest this week. Unfortunately my period is due over the next couple of days and I know I have bloated. But the weight loss this week has also been the same so far as the previous week. So add to that my periods on route I’m fairly happy with these new macros.

keto week 6 My Macros May 2019 from Ruled Me

As a general rule if you are steadily losing weight it’s recommended you change your macros once a month I believe. With Mark we have altered his for every stone he loses. This seems to be working well for him. But as he gets more active I think he too will need an adjustment.

Any side effects still?

After being on Keto over a month I think even now there are still side effects. I get constipated way too easily! Mark is the same. I don’t generally go to the toilet every day anymore and its more every other. But sometimes it’ll be 3 days, maybe 4. My stomach aches then and I feel bloated and sluggish. On average I drink at least 2-3 litres a day of water (Mark does 3+). My issues is eggs. If I have just one egg, it’ll stop things moving and I get constipated. I thought my daily pecans was helping, but I guess even my body has gotten used to that now.

Sleep. I haven’t mentioned this for a while but I do sleep better now. We bought a new bed recently and this has solved many of our issues. However, if I have a rough night I feel terrible the next day. Like Keto Flu terrible. A good nights sleep is essential on this diet. I’m glad I got out of the insomnia like sleep patterns I had around weeks 3-4 though!


I have a current lunch favourite! Lunch for me is the worst meal of the day. I get hungry but keto week 6 food favourite Tuna and Cheese Meltfancy nothing. I should point out I’ve ALWAYS been like this. Especially in the week when I eat lunch along (Well, with the cats but do they really count?).

In the week I was craving, ‘something‘. I couldn’t put my finger on what though. So asked myself, ‘If you could have anything, what would you have?’ Strangely enough I realised a tuna and cheese toasted sandwich. Now obviously I can’t have bread. So what did I do? I had half a can of tuna (drained), popped some grated cheese on top and heated that bad boy in the microwave. As you can see from the picture it doesn’t look like a lot of food at all and not that appealing. But its very filling and has become almost a daily thing for me! I then usually snack on a few cherry tomatoes mid afternoon and 10-15g of pecans. That’s me then till dinner time at 6:30.

The Keto Diet – Week 6 blue diamond smokehouse almondsKeto nut lovers, have you tried these? I found these Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds food shopping. Oh my! They have an almost ‘dry roasted’ taste to them but not as potent. I love almonds anyway but these are so moorish! As a rule I only have 15g max a day of nuts as a snack, but I could have easily done the whole packet. They aren’t cheap, but as a treat over a few days I’m certainly not complaining. We found these in Sainsburys with the nuts/crisps etc. But I believe Tesco, Asda and other supermarkets do them too.

I think nuts have become my new crisps. No lies here remember, but I do miss crisps. A LOT! In fact its more potatoes I miss in honesty. Especially as I eat a lot of cauliflower cheese now and I love cheese sauce with mash. I’m not saying I’ll never have potatoes again, but don’t think it’ll be till I can up my carbs when I am then maintaining my weight.

Weight loss?

I swear judging by the views I get on these posts this is the bit everyone scrolls too as I don’t put my loss figures each week on Instagram.

Mark’s weight loss this week is 4.5lbs. Another great weekly weight loss. Bringing his total to 38lbs!

My weight loss this week has been a little all over the place. I’m glad to say there is a loss though of 1kg/2.3lbs. Bringing my total to 8.6kg/19lbs. For those wondering that brings me 8.7kg from my next goal!

If you’ve missed any of my other keto lifestyle posts, you can find them under the ‘Keto’ link under categories or click here.

-Mel x

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