Week 7 of our new Keto lifestyle and finally the weathers improved here. I am a sun worshipper. I love sunny days, the heat and sun bathing. It always makes me want to get out more. So I’m hoping this is finally a sign that Summer in the UK is on its way – here’s hoping.


I’m still walking, whether it be at home on our treadmill or outside. I do prefer a workout The Keto Diet – Week 7 Workoutoutside if I can namely as I find the Apple Watch doesn’t track the treadmill as well. For example, I have the speed set faster on the treadmill than I walk outside but it will always take longer to do a KM on the treadmill – makes no sense right? What has pleased me is I’m getting closer back to my 3km walks. I know this doesn’t sound a huge amount but it won’t be long before I hit 3.5 and then 4. It’s just about conditioning my body and muscles again.

I do think I need some new trainers though, I have a really high arch to my foot and finding trainers that are light, flexible and that suit my arch can be hard. I usually buy Nike Flex as they seem to be comfortable for me. My beloved Nike Flex TR5 are knackered (Doesn’t help my daughter pinches them!), so I’m going to try and get a new pair. The ones I’m looking at are the Flex Contact 2. I generally buy Junior trainers as I’ve little feet and these are pretty cheap!

Hard lesson?

Oh we learnt a hard lesson this week! When Mark works away from the office we always would get a take away when he came back. Friday marked the first one of those time away since going Keto. He didn’t get home till gone 8 and I’d nothing in as its food shop the next day. So I had a think what other people do when they get a takeaway on keto. In the end we decided on McDonalds. But just the burger with salad, no bun etc although there was a cheese slice on the burger. Hindsight we should have grabbed a salad but I’d see other keto’rs do this so thought it would be ok. It filled us up considering how small it was and off to bed we went. Saturday and Sunday we were both so ill. Feeling funky, bloated, lethargic… Dare I say Keto Flu like? My muscles hurt like I’d done a marathon and I could barely keep my eyes open. Mark felt rough too but more achy and tired.

Two days we were both like it and even on the Monday I wasn’t 100%. Even our weight went weird and we both gained even though calorie and macro wise we were both under our dailies. I seriously think that burger had some hidden carbs or something. I swear I will NEVER eat a McD’s again after that!

New clothes?

Mark has finally bought some new jeans and a couple of tops. He looks bloody great if I do say so myself. He however has noticed a common flaw in plus size clothing much like many women do. Just because you are plus size doesn’t mean you are plus size EVERYWHERE! I always struggle with skinny jeans as companies seem to think because I have bigger hips my calves or ankles must be bigger too. They aren’t and obviously everything gapes. Well, Mark’s noticed this with jeans. Hips/Waist they look fantastic, but the legs (Which he does have fairly muscly solid legs) are so BAGGY. Maybe they should do a ‘curvy’ range for men? Just saying.


No new recipes this week, we seem to adapt things we’ve eaten before now. So like with the Chicken Alfredo which we both love, I swapped out the chicken for King Prawns – YUM! Sometimes its just something basic; chicken with vegetables.

With it getting warmer we usually eat a lot more salads, so in the coming weeks I think it’ll be about mixing up the proteins. Our nightly staple though is raspberries with a little cream. We have this EVERY NIGHT. Its not a large amount (About 30-50g Raspberries and 40-50ml Double Cream). I find most days this evens out the macros for fat too.

Weight Loss?

I know this is the bit everyone usually wants to know. So I’ll start with Mark as mine is a bit disappointing with it being my impending period – pfft.

This week Mark has lost (Even with the McD’s incident which shall never happen again) 5.1lbs. Bringing his total to a whopping 43.1lbs!

Now with my period and what not I know not to expect great things. Still I did manage to lose this week even with the dodgy McD’s – 1.3kg/2.8lbs. Bringing my total to 9.5kg/20.9lbs.

I’m hoping with the extra workouts I’m doing that this will get slightly more (Maybe nearly 1.5-2kgs per week). We still are practising Intermittent Fasting, but now do this Monday/Wednesday/Friday as I read doing it daily wasn’t a good idea as your body becomes used to it.

If you’ve missed any of my other keto lifestyle posts, you can find them under the ‘Keto’ link under categories or click here.

-Mel x

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