Week 8 on the keto lifestyle bought a few challenges as Mark was away for part of it and had a lot going on with work. This meant eating alone a few times – something I generally don’t do well. In the past I tend to not bother eating meals, rather grazing. On Keto grazing (For me) is hard as I don’t really get hungry, so tend to eat because I think I should rather than needing too. I often wonder if I did fast how long I could fast for.

Plus Mark had to cope with eating away from home in Hotels and travelling. Although we both know what we can and can’t eat, this was hard for him as he couldn’t measure food. Keto generally isn’t challenging now, but I think this week (And the McD’s incident last week) has proved you can’t become complacent on it.


The Keto Diet – Week 8 ElectrolytesThe end of last week Mark ordered some Electrolyte tablets from My Vitamins. The dosage is 2 tablets per day which Mark takes. I only take 1 a day, which I find has made a difference and don’t feel I need 2 with the other vitamins I take.

Vitamins are ESSENTIAL on this lifestyle. It’s really hard to get all the nutrients you need with the restrictions at times. Especially from vegetables. So many vegetables contain carbs. My one piece of advice if you are going to embark on the Keto Lifestyle is to take a good multivitamin, plus get some electrolyte tablets. I still have my daily Fit Water too which I feel funky if I don’t have it. Maybe its all in my head, but if it makes me feel better who is it harming?


Wish I’d taken a picture of this one but didn’t even think too. I have a great new recipe for you this week that will sort your tastes buds if you miss coated chicken. This recipe is on Savoury Tooth and its for Fried Chicken. I will add I didn’t fry my chicken but oven baked it for about 45 minutes (180 degrees)and it was perfect (So did mean not adding the cooking oil thats in their ingredients). I also omitted the parmesan cheese as I didn’t have any. This definitely did not take anything away from the dish! The double dipping of the coating really amps up the flavour!

I made this with a box of Sainsbury’s Chicken thighs and we each had a piece of chicken cold the next day – which was fairly good too! You can find the recipe here.


The Keto Diet – Week 8 Dog walkingI’m still doing my daily walking and get about 8000-10000 on those days(In total for the day). I generally have weekends off and clock up about 6000-7000 steps those days. I find at present I’m taking more outdoor walks. The fresh air clears my head for the day and you’ve got to love that vitamin D. On the treadmill I’m hitting around 4km per walk (I do go for about an hour on that) where as an out door walk I get about 3km+ for around 40 minutes.

I’ve even started taken our Springer Spaniel with me. I haven’t been able to walk him for a long time due to my arthritis and his pulling (Even with a harness on). So he’s super happy too!

The Keto Diet – Week 8 Adidas Questar RideMark’s treated me and I’ve ordered my new trainers! I went for the Adidas Questar Ride’s in Black, namely as I couldn’t seem to get the white ones anywhere in my size. I’m hoping they will arrive shortly and be good. If not it’ll be back to the drawing board and looking for something different. Although the Adidias Alphabounce RC2 were a close second, so may try those otherwise.

I also have ordered a pair of gym leggings. I often walk in my jeans and I won’t lie its hard work! They are so much stiffer and especially if I’m amping up the speed, mega sweaty! The ones I went for are just some Next black ones, so hopefully they will fit.

Clothing size?

I am so confused when it comes to my actual size now. I’m doing another post shortly for Fashionworld and it was really hard selecting clothes. Not because I couldn’t find anything I like, but because I don’t know my size at all! Surprisingly much of the stuff I ordered is a little big but should be fine. I’m having this issue all the time now.

The George (Asda) things I ordered early May are now too big for me and the Dorothy Perkins jeans are looser. I actually went back and got one of the George tops in a 16 and that fits loads better. The Next things I ordered are 18s but I’ve no idea if they’ll fit. I seem to be between a 16-18 at present. Shocking really as the scales not budged much at all this past month. My body is definitely changing shape though.

Mark’s body is changing so fast. Silly things I notice about how he’s not as ‘soft’ anymore. His old tops hang on him and his jeans are getting too big – even the newer ones he ordered. I think its out of order how Plus Size men’s stuff is so expensive. Yet women can find more reasonably priced plus size stuff. Clothing manufacturers you need to sort this out!

Weight Loss?

Mark was dreading this week because of being away plus having business dinners. Even though he tried to eat what he was supposed to on the diet the portion sizes weren’t great. Plus he was super stressed which can also cause weight gain – something not many people know. We didn’t have a weight for his weigh day as he was away, so there’s a little guess work at hand. We do know he gained while away, but thankfully has lost it again. Lesson here, he shouldn’t go away to work!! His loss for the week is 3lbs taking his total weight loss to 46lbs. That’s 4lbs off of 50lb!

My weight loss has evened out but is still minimal each week on Keto. I won’t lie, the scales isn’t something I look forward too. Namely as I work stupidly hard all week sticking to the diet. I get exercise, drink plenty and am having good sleep. Yet still I only seem to lose about 1.5-2lbs per week. If I didn’t have as much to lose still I wouldn’t mind this. But I am still classed as obese, so surely I should be losing more? Still a loss is a loss and I haven’t plateaued, so shouldn’t be all moany! This weeks loss was only 0.8kg/1.8lbs (So not even 1kg) taking my total loss to 10.4kg/22.9lbs.

I have set myself a little mini keto goal though. By my official 2 month mark I want to have dropped to 210lbs/95.2kg. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  1. I will be in the 14 stone something area. To many I know this is still huge but its a big accomplishment for me when I was in the 17’s at one point.
  2. I would have lost 10lbs in the month of May.
  3. The biggest and longest reason. I keep backups of my old laptops and Macbooks. I found a note pad from when I started Paleo. This was back in 2011 and I had my weight listed then as 210 in the beginning of January. So technically I’m at my lowest now since then or would be if I can hit that number.

I won’t beat myself up if I don’t make this goal. I’m fairly on track although it does mean that I need to lose another 3.6lbs in less than a week. If I can get it close enough I’ll be happy!

If you’ve missed any of my other keto lifestyle posts, you can find them under the ‘Keto’ link under categories or click here.

-Mel x

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