As promised this post is about our first month on Keto. Its a bit of a summary from my other posts which you can see here if you wish. When I started this Keto journey I didn’t really think things would change as much as they have. A month isn’t a long time really and yet there are significant changes for both of us. Not just physically but mentally too. Especially when I look back at certain things now, I can see just how much Mark and I have grown and shrunk!

Is Keto hard? Expensive? Boring?

I think the answer to this is different for Mark and I. You see, I’ve not found it hard at all, the adapting I mean. I think the one thing I hate about it is the weighing everything. I’ve now bought another set of kitchen scales that have a bigger bowl. I won’t lie the weighing everything is a chore! That aside, I adapted to the diet easily. I don’t crave things at all and in fairness didn’t have those cravings even in the early days. I think its only human to fancy something every now and again, but it doesn’t make me want to break what I’ve achieved so far to have it.

The way we eat now I don’t feel we really miss out on anything. I’ve said before in previous posts there are so many meal ideas out there for Keto/low carb dieters. Thank you Google! Expense wise it isn’t too bad either. I still cook regular meals for our children. Although they do love the Keto Cheeseburger and Taco Bowls too. Our food shop has maybe increased by £7-10 a week. If you look at WW or SW you pay more than that in memberships! Plus now we don’t eat ANY processed foods. So its a whole lots healthier too.

I miss potatoes. Not so much chips, but cheesy mash or even crisps. They were always my downfall. I love crisps!

“I was a sugar fiend. Fizzy drinks, sweets, snacks, I used to have an ‘addiction’ to sugar. So cutting that from my life completely, was difficult for the first few days. Then it started getting easier and now, I don’t miss it at all. The portion reduction also came really easy as did cutting out wheat and gluten. I guess that’s where the drive and motivation come in.

I’ve been doing this for a month now and am actually looking forward to the months and years ahead. I’ve done Weight Watchers, Slimming World and everything in between. Nothing kept me as full for as long. I don’t get urges to cheat and never say ‘Oh just one won’t hurt” Even intermittent fasting for 16 hours isn’t effort. It just happens naturally and I am not hungry at all. Results is also a big thing for me, I need to see instant results, Keto has done that and that’s fuelled my motivation to succeed at this. Other diets I used to Yo-Yo, a lb here, a couple of lb there, then I put on 3lb and motivation would drain from me. Had nothing like that on Keto.” – Mark

What changes have you noticed physically in this first month?

I think for me although the weight loss was there, it’s my face. At first !didn’t notice this till I compared 2 photos taken exactly 1 month apart. I tried to make my smile as similar and the angles the same to truly see the dCarb vs keto facedifference. Guess this is what they mean by Carb Face/Keto Face.

I can see I’ve not as much weight on my cheeks, my face isn’t as wide. Its a small difference but it makes me feel like this is actually working (Even those the scales tell me that anyway). Due to angle what doesn’t show is my jaw line is a little more defined too.

I know that I can now wear most 18 bottoms comfortably. I don’t have that feeling where I knew eating would be uncomfortable in them, or that I could only wear them at certain times in the month. With some of my jeans I need a  belt (I hate belts). So don’t wear those anymore and all my 20s are put aside. I’ve no smaller jeans to try but want to try and get a pair of 16s and take pictures week by week to see how long it takes for me to get them on/done up. Older bras I can now wear too, although the cups gape a bit where I lose some of my bust.

Less pain! I don’t have nearly as much pain as before which is why I started this journey. I also find I can do more. More walking, housework, stuff really. I want to try and start Yoga again which I intend to hit up this next month. I feel a new sense of energy most days and I think it shows. Mark and I have been doing more lately. Less sitting around and more ‘doing’. Before we were content to stay at home all day. It’s nice to be getting out or just doing other stuff.

Definitely thinner in the face. Clothes are becoming looser. I have more energy at times when fatigue used to kick in.  Knees don’t ache and less headaches. Also, not had ANY indigestion since being on Keto!” – Mark

What changes have you noticed mentally?

I’ve suffered with anxiety most my life. Although I had therapy to help me control it, there’s times it does get the better of me. When I read others accounts of how Keto had helped their anxiety and mental health I thought it was all a load of crap. But there’s been 3 points this past month I knew I was going to have a panic attack, could feel it there eating at the back of my mind. But there was also that numbness to it too. I’ve had no panic attacks at all. Even my anxious days feel a bit distant now. I’m hoping this is something that will grow the longer we are on keto.

I also feel more motivated. At times I struggle to think of what to do. I think this comes from the new found energy. I’d become so sluggish before but now I just feel lightened almost. Less burdened. Definitely less feeling sorry for myself too.

My moods have got better. I’m not as much of a grumpy git as I used to be. I feel driven, not just with Keto, but also in life. I have the mindset to do new things and complete things I’ve put off. Feeling positive and motivated.” – Mark

Did you think you would stick to Keto in the early days?

Honestly, I felt fine with it. I struggled with the whole eating more than I was used too. When we first started we did breakfast too, which is a huge ‘NO’ for me. I hate breakfast, makes me feel sick as a dog. Then often at lunch I would normally (Pre Keto) not bother or have a packet of crisps. Sometimes small. Even now I struggle with lunches, I tend to graze more than have a ‘meal’. Other than that I haven’t had any issues. Motivation is out there if you need it, just look at Keto Before/After posts. But don’t get hung up on them!

Nope. Thought it would be like all the others. So glad it proved me wrong.– Mark.

Anything else you want to add about your first month on keto?

I think my diary entries tell mostly everything. I don’t hold back with them that’s for sure. When starting Keto I didn’t know it would bring me to where I was in a month. I don’t mean the weight loss, I’m talking more about my health/arthritis. You see, if Keto can make me feel like this after a month… What’s 2 months, 6 months or even a year going to be like? When we started this I said it was a diet, Mark said a lifestyle. For once, I think the man is right 😉

Lets smash the next month!” – Mark

So that sums up our first month. Onwards and upwards. It’ll be good to see where Month 2 takes us.

Weight loss so far…

My loss – 7.3kgs/16.1lbs

Mark’s loss – 33.6lbs


-Mel x


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