At the end of Week 1 on the Keto Diet and the scales fiasco (Read the post here), I am unsure what my starting weight was or what I lost. I’m almost sure I am in Ketosis or getting that way. I know I have lost weight (Hello very old Matalan size 18 jeans fitting very easily where I could barely do them up before).

The new scales arrived late on the last day of Week 1 and both Mark and me were fairly impressed with them. The scales connect via bluetooth to your phone and there’s an accompanying app which tracks your data. These scales (On the display) only tell you your weight, but on the app measure all sorts. When Mark tried the new scales comparing his results to the only ones, he noticed a 2lb difference. He had lost over 1 stone in his first week (I shit you not!) on the ketogenic ‘lifestyle’. Mark also found though that he could get on the old scales twice in a row and get the same reading. I wasn’t so fortunate.

I decided the first week was a bust. Not because I cheated, I haven’t strayed at all from the new way of eating. No gluten, minimal carbs (Under 20g every day) and fat (Based on my macros). With the old scales not being completely reliable, whatever I lost for week 2 I would presume I lost the first week (Last time I dropped gluten from my diet I lost 7lb in a week).


I felt it might be slightly motivating for me to set some goals. As I stated in my first post, this diet for me isn’t so much about weight loss. It’s more about my arthritis and making that more manageable for me and giving me some freedom again. But it’s kind of hard to set those kind of health goals. I don’t want to set my expectations too high and say I’ll walk 10,000 steps a day when I might only be able to do 8000. So I’ve set some weight goals with rewards…

  • 1st Goal. 99kg – Get Under the double digits (Rewards – I can sort my hair out. Damn these roots. I am not touching them till I am under 99kg. If that isn’t motivation nothing is!).
  • 2nd Goal. 90kg – Get Under 200lbs (Reward – Some River Island jeans or Trainers. I think I’ll need them by this point! I’ve never had RI Jeans).
  1. 3rd Goal. 82kg – Almost at my pre wedding weight from my 30s (Rewards – A whole new wardrobe. For a completely different me, externally).
The Keto Diet - Week 2 Motivation for Goal 1.
If this isn’t motivation. Check out those roots at present and the tone of my hair! Seriously need to hit that 99kg ASAP!

I don’t feel these are totally unachievable and definitely something I can work too. The third goal would be 24kg/nearly 53lbs loss from starting this regime. If I find I can’t make that one I’m not too worried. But I would like to try.

As week 2 moves forward I find things are pretty much the same for me as week one. I didn’t have any cravings then nor do I now. The ‘time of the month’ is coming soon and that’s when I usually crave crisps. Something I definitely can’t have right now (I’m not sure how the vegetable crisps fair on Keto but I wouldn’t risk it).

Mark said although this is the easiest diet we have done, this has still been challenging for him. Mark did like his sweets, sugar in his tea and all the good/bad stuff we can’t have now. I’m so proud he hasn’t faltered though and had something he shouldn’t. For him I think the motivation is definitely in the scales and seeing things change. Which I’ll get onto now.

So has anything changed yet since starting the Keto Lifestyle 2 weeks ago?

Actually there have been a few changes. Let’s start with changes for Mark. Well, he’s lost a lot of weight at present already. He has had to move notches on his belt. His jeans repeatedly fall down and he could probably do with dropping a size. You know that ‘middle age/beer belly’ spread men get? Even if they don’t drink? Well I’ve noticed Mark is losing that. He’s less rounded. So all that in under 2 weeks (As I write this update its 1 week and 4 days). His anxiety has gotten better! Which is great. Still constantly peeing (That goes for both of us), but it’s normal apparently.

He also has noticed his chin is more pronounced as are his cheeks. These are all small, minor changes but I feel for mark they are very encouraging. Especially with keeping on this keto lifestyle.

For me I’ve noticed I can get into smaller jeans. Ones that were tight before. Almost all my old 18’s I can get on now with the exception of my ASOS shorts which are a 20 and I haven’t worn in 3 years! They are the next thing I’m aiming to be able to do up. All my old jeans slide down. I opted to wearing a belt yesterday and I hate the feel of belts!

I’m still in pain but my energy levels have increased. I’m not getting as exhausted as I was and thats great. Although there is some side effects to this diet I’m not so impressed about.

Side effects you say?

Mark hasn’t had any side effects really bar some tiredness and a little constipation if he doesn’t drink enough. I seen to have got the lot!

I mentioned in last weeks diary about the tiredness I think and the keto flu feelings. After adjusting my water intake and trying to get more of those key nutrients in my diet I thought I had it sussed. Then came more constipation followed by upset stomach! I wouldn’t go for 2 days and then it would be like, well I’d completely empty myself rather ‘diarrhoea’ like. This has gotten progressively worse. Almost 1-2 hours after every meal now I have to take a trip to the toilet. Its not great, but I’m hoping will improve.

I think the worst side effect for me has been sleeping issues. I don’t want to say insomnia as I’ve friends who suffer with it, plus I had it very mildly in my twenties. No this is more sleep deprivation. It’s like having a baby again and waking for night feeds. Except there’s no baby. 3 nights in a row I got about 4 hours of broken sleep. I felt like a zombie. Yesterday my words were a bit tongue tied as my brain just wasn’t firing right. Last night would have been my 4th night but I reached out for a faithful remedy that I would recommend to anyone who has trouble going off to sleep.

The Keto Diet - Week 2 . Clippers Organic Sleep tea

Clippers Organic Sleep tea is AMAZING. This is not sponsored. I always have at least 1 if not 2 boxes in, just in case I need some sleep assistance and it really does work. The taste is mild/weak orange like. Not lovely as herbal teas go. But drinkable. I think I got a couple of hours sleep last night before I woke the first time and then managed to drift off again. So, about 6 hours total last night and today I feel a lot better. You only need to have one tea before bed (About 30 minutes or so – I drink mine in bed) and you’ll feel this relaxed feeling. Then comes the yawning. This tea is magic I tell you!

Other than that I think we’ve been quite lucky so far with the side effects. As always I love that it’s me who gets everything.

Favourite recipe of the week?

The Keto Diet - Week 2. Spinach Omelette with mushroom and cheese fillingI will try and add one of these each week as I am constantly trying new things to keep this diet/lifestyle fresh. This week I fell down with an awful sore throat, cold and dry cough. So eating hasn’t been a huge thing for me as I fancy nothing. But this has been my favourite/go to lunch where I just change the filling each time.

I present the Spinach Omelette with mushroom and cream cheese filling. This is made is a small frying pan (20cm) and feeds just one. And trust me it is VERY filling! This is my take on it, but the original recipe can be found here –

That recipe is so good! But my adaptation works out at around 272 calories. Can’t complain about that its less than a sandwich and takes about 10 minutes to make!

So what’s the weight loss at the end of week 2?

I think this is the bit most people want to know. Ok, Mark has had another amazing week and I’m so proud of him as always! Just over another 7lb gone! Which brings his total so far in 2 weeks to just under 21lb! Can we get a round of applauses here!

Now for me. Well as I said earlier in this post, my starting weight now is a mystery and I’d judge my week 2 loss the same as my week 1. In week 2 I lost 2.5kgs or 6lbs according to myfitnesspal. So I am going to say  I have lost at least 5kg or about 11lbs! I’m pretty pleased with that figure as I am currently due that time of the month (Today actually) and I bloat like crazy). Plus I’m closer to my 99kg goal now and sorting my hair out – thank God!

So that concludes week 2, I’ll be back again next friday to up date you on my week 3. Don’t forget if you want to catch up on my Keto Journey, you can just click the link under categories in the menu or here.

-Mel x


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