The Keto Diet – Week 1

As I write this first diary entry I am finishing week 1 on the keto diet lifestyle. I don’t think the weekly updates will be forever. Maybe the first month and then I shall do them monthly. As I said in my previous entry (The Introduction can be found here)this is more of a diary […]

The Keto Diet – Week 2

At the end of Week 1 on the Keto Diet and the scales fiasco (Read the post here), I am unsure what my starting weight was or what I lost. I’m almost sure I am in Ketosis or getting that way. I know I have lost weight (Hello very old Matalan size 18 jeans fitting […]

The Keto Diet – Week 3

Starting week 3 of the Keto Lifestyle doesn’t feel a whole lot different now from week 2. I actually get up each day and wonder what changes I might see that day. It’s fairly rewarding no matter how small they are. Without a doubt, I personally feel this has been the easiest diet I have […]

The Keto Diet – Week 4

Starting week 4 of this Keto life style is a little surreal. I admit I get bored easily and by now I’m using so bored of the food on a diet. But Keto is so different. I can literally look at Google and put in what meat or fish I’m using that day. Add ‘Keto […]

The Keto Diet – Our First Month

As promised this post is about our first month on Keto. Its a bit of a summary from my other posts which you can see here if you wish. When I started this Keto journey I didn’t really think things would change as much as they have. A month isn’t a long time really and […]

The Keto Diet – Week 5

Rolling into week 5 of this Keto lifestyle and feeling good. I do think this might be my shortest entry as not much changes now bar the obvious. I feel both Mark and myself have now settled into this lifestyle and its…. Well, its just daily life for us. Neither of us struggles with stuff […]

The Keto Diet – Week 6

Week 6 in the 30SM house on Keto. I hate repeating myself in posts, but this keto lifestyle is just, well life now. We know what we are doing. We know what we can and cannot have. There aren’t cravings anymore. Its just, well easy if I’m honest. In the beginning I felt at times […]

The Keto Diet – Week 7

Week 7 of our new Keto lifestyle and finally the weathers improved here. I am a sun worshipper. I love sunny days, the heat and sun bathing. It always makes me want to get out more. So I’m hoping this is finally a sign that Summer in the UK is on its way – here’s […]

The Keto Diet – Week 8

Week 8 on the keto lifestyle bought a few challenges as Mark was away for part of it and had a lot going on with work. This meant eating alone a few times – something I generally don’t do well. In the past I tend to not bother eating meals, rather grazing. On Keto grazing […]

Keto Lifestyle – Final Goals and Progress

When I first started Keto I never thought I would be writing this post. You see, like so many diets and eating plans Mark and I have tried there was no faith in them. Yes we knew we might lost a pound or two, might lose an inch. But they didn’t feel sustainable or enjoyable! […]