Real Madrid ‘overcome’ Taylor Swift ahead of Champions League final: Screening will go ahead

Real Madrid ‘overcome’ Taylor Swift ahead of Champions League final: Screening will go ahead

Real Madrid will open the Santiago Bernabeu on June 1, 2024 to allow fans to watch the Champions League final.

The move was announced by the club amid the clamor among fans who cannot make the trip to Wembley to watch the final.

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A tradition that is not in danger

Although the details of the opening have not yet been made public, the club’s own television channel, Real Madrid TV, has stated that they will continue with the tradition started ten years ago.

In that Lisbon final, the long-awaited Tenth (La Decima) title was won, and since then, the stadium has been opened for each of the finals played by Real Madrid. Six in the last decade.

This will be the first time that this will happen in this new era of the Bernabeu, following its major remodeling, and it will take place after the two Taylor Swift concerts across May 29 and 30.

This also dispels the doubts surrounding an inability to open the Santiago Bernabeu after the two concerts being put on by the pop star.

How to get tickets to watch the final at the Bernabeu?

Real Madrid have not yet announced how fans can get tickets to enjoy the Champions League final at the Santiago Bernabeu, although they have said that they will confirm all of the details on when and how to get tickets in the coming days.

On previous occasions (2014, 2016, 2017, 2017, 2018 and 2022), tickets have been free for all members, but not for the general public, who had to pay a price of 10 euros to reserve their seats. Time will tell if the same sales method will prevail.

The match will be shown… On the 360 degree screens at the Bernabeu?

Although it is not known if screens will be installed for the occasion, it is worth remembering that the Bernabeu already has the spectacular 360 degree video scoreboard that will revolutionize the fan experience.

There are only two other stadiums in the world that can enjoy such technology, both of which are in the USA. But what makes this video scoreboard stand out from any other is the difference in screen dimensions between the sides and the backdrops.

The height of the screens on the sides is as much as six and a half meters, while in the backdrops reach eleven meters.

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