Stephen A. Smith wishes ‘nothing but the best’ to former colleague JJ Redick

Stephen A. Smith wishes ‘nothing but the best’ to former colleague JJ Redick

After the news of JJ Redick being named the Los Angeles Lakers head coach, all kind of reaction has been published on him, especially when comments from people in the business and even more about the ones who are close to him.

The sports commentator, Stephen A. Smith, who worked with the new coach, has expressed his feelings on what he believes will be a good tenure for him with the purple and gold, as he took to social media to say some words for him.

“Congrats to my man @jj_redick. Anyone who knows anything about you knows that you have that coaching itch. Wishing you nothing but the best,” he said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

However, that was not the only thing he said about JJ Redick, as he also commented on the matter on ESPN in multiple shows and it has many people talking because of the way he expressed himself.

What Stephen A. said on television

Stephen A. Smith appeared on the show First Take with Mike Greenberg and he continue to talk about JJ Redick being named the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, something that did not surprised many people.

“I think he’s a brilliant basketball mind, we got mad respect for him. We got love for him here at this network, I can tell you that much,” he said about this. “But he is an acquired taste. You understand? I love you JJ, but he’s an acquired taste.”

He also said that he does not believe that Redick will enjoy dealing with many of the things that the Lakers manage and how they go about certain things, but in the end he know he has what it takes to be there.

“He’s my cup of tea, he ain’t everybody’s cup of tea. And JJ does not suffer fools much. It’s hard for him to tolerate. Well, some people would perceive there being a lot of foolishness from time to time with the Lakers organization.”

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