2 mouth-watering dividend shares I’d buy and hold to build a second income

2 mouth-watering dividend shares I’d buy and hold to build a second income

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Two dividend shares firmly on my radar as I look to create a passive income stream are DCC (LSE: DCC), and ITV (LSE: ITV).

I’m hoping to have some spare cash to invest soon, so I’ll be looking to snap up some shares in each. Here’s why!


Sales, marketing, and support services conglomerate DCC has a diverse set of interests across the globe.

The shares have been on a decent run in the past 12-month period, up 19%. At this time last year, they were trading for 4,720p, compared to current levels of 5,660p.

From a bullish view, the firm’s diversification is a strength, in my eyes. This is because weakness in one area can be offset by strength in another. For example, it is one of the largest bottled gas suppliers in the market. When the price of gas was high, it did well. It’s also involved heavily in marketing activities for other businesses.

There are risks for DCC too. A prime example is the volatility with gas prices. When wholesale prices fell, DCC saw earnings drop. Another area where DCC could be hurt is its marketing operations. Marketing budgets are usually cut during times of economic volatility, like now. I’ll keep an eye on these pitfalls.

However, as a dividend stock, DCC looks tempting. A dividend yield of 3.5% at present, and the fact that the firm has increased dividends by an average of 10% for the past 10 years, is enticing. However, I do understand that dividends are never guaranteed. Plus, I’m aware that past performance is not a guarantee of the future.

Finally, the shares look decent value for money to me on a price-to-earnings ratio of just 12.


Despite being one of the largest commercial broadcasters in the UK with a storied track record, ITV hasn’t been an investor favourite for some time. However, I reckon there’s still plenty of meat on the bones to make it a delicious investment.

ITV shares are up 11% over a 12-month period from 70p at this time last year, to 78p currently.

It’s not hard to understand ITV’s struggles, and these are also ongoing risks. Firstly, advertising budgets have been slashed due to economic volatility. This was a real money spinner for ITV.

Next, the rise of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, to name a few, have capitalised on the changing way content is consumed. As they continue to pour millions into making blockbuster content, there’s a chance ITV could be left behind.

From a bullish perspective, I reckon once volatility dissipates, advertising spending will increase, and help boost earnings and returns.

Next, ITV has an excellent in-house production studio. It regularly churns out hits, and makes programmes for other broadcasters globally too. This could help the business move forward, as well as the shares. Furthermore, the firm’s own streaming offering, ITVX, which it recently revamped, seems to be gaining popularity and market share.

There’s still lots to like about ITV, and I reckon now is an opportunity to buy a top company, offering a 6.4% dividend yield to help boost passive income.

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