49ers’ George Kittle pulls a Travis Kelce and Brock Purdy joins him to chug beers at country music show

49ers’ George Kittle pulls a Travis Kelce and Brock Purdy joins him to chug beers at country music show

Travis Kelce has a pretty firm grip on being the NFL‘s “man of the people” these days, but it seems like his biggest rival is coming for the throne. San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle, along with quarterback Brock Purdy, pulled a Kelce move and went buck wild on stage while at a concert with country music star Luke Combs.

Purdy and Kittle shotgun beers at Luke Combs concert

The crowd went wild for the antics of the 49ers duo, who brought a pack of Bud Light on stage so they could shotgun beers in peak Kelce fashion. People love to see NFL stars acting a fool.

Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs defeated the 49ers in the Super Bowl this February for the second time in five years. After taking some time to cope with the defeat, Kittle and Purdy seem to finally be enjoying their offseason.

Chiefs-49ers rivalry continues in offseason

Meanwhile, Kelce has been at music shows of his own, following Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour around the globe to Sydney, Singapore and Paris. He then hosted his own music festival, Kelce Jam, in Kansas City. The 34-year-old has also had a few viral moments involving country songs, like his performance at a Josh Turner show or the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.

At Kelce Jam, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got wild on stage in his own way, albeit different from the beer chugging of their 49ers counterparts.

Kelce and Mahomes have proven, especially against the Niners, that their on-field dominance is pretty untouchable. But with Brock and George living the life of the party, they are giving the KC stars a run for their money off the field this NFL offseason.

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