An intimate study on body hair – Beautifaire

An intimate study on body hair – Beautifaire

Following on from The Joy of Slime, in our third episode of Pretty Ugly, British hair stylist and Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Cyndia Harvey joins forces with filmmaker Greta Ilieva on an intimate study of hair. “It is a visceral commentary unpacking the emotions tied up in hair and the way we relate geo-personally,” Cyndia explains. 

Pretty Ugly is a movie series dedicated to the gorgeous and the gross, a celebration of what is classy within the odd. You possibly can watch more here.

Director Greta Ilieva @ D+V Management
Co-Director Cyndia Harvey @ Streeters
DOP and Editor Piero M Bressan
Writing and voice over Moffy Gathorne Hardy
Sound Artist Tiffi Ros
Sound Artist Davide Cairo
Casting Troy Casting
Talents Nils, Santiago, Kurosh, Anya, Melanie, Nicole, Myles

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