Bitfinex Releases Version 1.99: Performance and UI Enhancements

Bitfinex Releases Version 1.99: Performance and UI Enhancements

Bitfinex Releases Version 1.99: Performance and UI Enhancements

Bitfinex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled its latest update, Version 1.99, focusing on enhancing performance and user interface (UI) elements. The update includes several key improvements and bug fixes aimed at streamlining the trading experience for its users, according to

Key Improvements

The latest update introduces several notable improvements:

  • Clickable Ask and Bid prices in Market mode, making it easier for traders to execute orders swiftly.
  • An updated look and feel for Bitfinex Securities, along with the addition of a securities tokens list.
  • Enhanced search functionality in the token dropdown to include currency symbols and labels on Bitfinex Pulse.
  • Updated translations for the OTC verification notice and added translations for tipping address generation on Bitfinex Pulse.
  • Changes to the notifications background in the light theme.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.99 also addresses a range of bugs to improve the platform’s stability and user experience:

  • Fixed the issue of the cancel orders modal showing an incorrect pair.
  • Resolved layout issues with the 2FA pop-up on small screens.
  • Aligned the loading label on the Depth Chart for small screens.
  • Adjusted the Increase position minimum amount for SAT mode.
  • Fixed the issue where toggling favorites caused the scrollbar to briefly flash.
  • Set a limit on the API key label length.
  • Corrected wallet amount formatting on deposits and withdrawal pages.
  • Ensured the conversions Wallet list is consistent in conversions and quick transfers.
  • Fixed the date display in the recent deposits table.
  • Corrected the Max withdraw calculation in internal transfers.
  • Addressed the issue where the loading indicator was not hidden for invalid Bitfinex Pulse post-preview links.

This comprehensive update is part of Bitfinex’s ongoing efforts to enhance its platform’s functionality and provide a seamless trading experience for its users. For a detailed overview of all previous changes, users can refer to the Bitfinex Change Log.

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