Caitlin Clark and Peyton Manning have a lot in common according to fans

Caitlin Clark and Peyton Manning have a lot in common according to fans

In this past WNBA draft, the Indiana Fever selected Caitlin Clark with the first overall pick. The rookie out of Iowa has been a perfect fit so far with her new team and in a new city, where many leaders have already shown their support.

Hall Of Fame NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has been behind the young basketball star. The long-time Indianapolis Colts signal caller is an authorized voice to approve of the move, even though it is not in a sport he has expertise.

Manning played for the Colts from 1998 until 2011, winning a Super Bowl for the franchise and four NFL MVP awards with the team before he went on to win another Vince Lombardi trophy with the Denver Broncos.

The former gridiron star revealed that he has provided Clark with some assistance over the last few weeks.

“It’s awesome,” Manning said. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Caitlin even more. Throughout this series, she was a guest on our show, the Monday night show, last year. She’s a Chiefs fan. I forgive her for that, but she said she did grow up kinda watching me play.”

People noticed they have a lot of things in common

In their latest interaction, a picture of the two was taken and fans noticed they seemed familiar physical characteristics, especially on the forehead.

Many have commented on social media about the comparison and now there is a new reason to link the two besides the fact they are the faces of two important sport franchises in Indiana and that the were the first over all prick in their respective draft class.

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