Cam Sutton was in the Lions facilities when they learned about his arrest warrant

Cam Sutton was in the Lions facilities when they learned about his arrest warrant

Now former Detroit Lions cornerback Cameron Sutton is on the run after the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida issued a warrant against the player for domestic violence charges, with his whereabouts unknown at this point.

However, just before the media discovered that he was a wanted man, according to Colton Pouncy and Mark Puleo from The Athletic, the player was in the team facility and spoke with team officials on March 21, Lions president Ron Wood told reporters.

Wood was informed about Sutton’s warrant. During a call with league officials, the Lions front office advised Sutton to seek legal counsel and turn himself into the authorities. Afterward, the team decided to part ways with him and release him from his contract.

Wood said the following.

We found him, he was down with our strength staff, he kind of showed up unexpectedly to work out. We were able to talk to him in person, not me but others on the staff, and he left the building and we released him the next day and no one has spoken to him since. As soon as that call (with league officials) wrapped up, we kind of quickly convened to talk about it.

Ron Wood

Sutton’s charges

Sutton is wanted on a charge of “aggravated battery – domestic violence,” according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. The 29-year-old player, who started all 20 regular-season and playoff games for the Lions last season, has been accused of evading authorities since the incident took place on March 7.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office revealed, “What we can release, that our deputies are comfortable with, is on the 7th of March is when this occurred, around 4:35 in the morning is when we got a call.” The spokesperson also confirmed that it was a domestic violence call but declined to disclose the identity of the alleged victim. Further details of the incident have not been made public.

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