Can the Lakers get revenge on the Nuggets? Magic Johnson gives them the key to do it

Can the Lakers get revenge on the Nuggets? Magic Johnson gives them the key to do it

The NBA playoffs are set to be an exciting time for basketball fans, with a range of thrilling matchups to look forward to. One of the most anticipated series is the Lakers-Nuggets first-round Conference Finals rematch from last year. However, according to Lakers legend Magic Johnson, there are several other matchups that are also worth keeping an eye on.

Last year, the Nuggets blew the Lakers off the court in the conference finals, so LeBron James’ team is looking for revenge by knocking Denver out in the first round. But what does the Lakers need to accomplish that? According to Magic, this:

Lakers vs Nuggets in an epic video in which Batman seeks revenge against Joker

“For the Lakers to have any chance to beat the Nuggets this time around, the guards have to bring their A-game. Last year, the Nuggets’ guard trio of Bruce Brown, KCP, and Jamal Murray were dominant! The Lakers’ key to win will be DLO, Reaves, Vincent, and Dinwiddie outperforming Murray, KCP, and Braun.”

Other rivalries to watch, according to Magic

In a recent post on social media, Magic Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for the playoff fever that is about to take over the league. He highlighted the natural rivalries that will be on display in the first round, including the Sixers and Knicks, the Lakers and Denver, and the Pacers and Bucks. Johnson’s excitement was palpable as he exclaimed, “This is going to be SO much fun to watch!”

When discussing the matchups, Johnson made it clear that his top priority will be keeping a close watch on the Lakers-Nuggets series. He emphasized the significance of this matchup, indicating that it holds a special place in his basketball-loving heart.

In addition to the Lakers-Nuggets series, Johnson also pointed out the animosity between the Pacers and Bucks, which has been brewing since an incident earlier in the season. This added drama has elevated the anticipation for their series in the Eastern Conference.

Another series that Johnson highlighted is the showdown between the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers. He noted the historical rivalry between these two teams and the potential for it to be reignited in this year’s playoffs. Johnson also pointed out the Knicks’ recent success against the 76ers, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the matchup.

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