Claims that Tyler Herro threw a punch at teammate Jimmy Butler debunked

Claims that Tyler Herro threw a punch at teammate Jimmy Butler debunked

After the Miami Heat‘s loss in the Play-In Tournament, Tyler Herro has been the subject of criticism on social media for his performance.

A viral post falsely claimed that he had a fight with teammate Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler learned Serbian at his suspended Miami Heat player watch party

In the recent game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Herro struggled to convert his shots into points.

Herro shot 9 out of 27 from the field and 4 of 14 from beyond the arc, reflecting a disappointing night for Miami.

Despite leading the Heat with 25 points and displaying offensive skills, Herro faced challenges with shooting efficiency.

Herro victim of a hoax Tweet

Following the game, a tweet circulated alleging that Herro and Butler had a heated confrontation, with Herro throwing a punch at Butler after being teased for his shooting performance.

The tweet claimed that when Herro missed, Butler taunted him by yelling ‘9 FOR 28’. However, it was later revealed that the tweet originated from a parody account named Hoop Centel, known for posting fictional stories.

There is no genuine concern about team unity within the Miami Heat, as players remain cohesive and supportive of each other.

Despite the setback in the Play-In game, the Heat must regroup and refocus for future matches, especially considering the potential absence of star player Jimmy Butler due to injury.

Chris SzagolaAP

Butler‘s absence could impact the team’s playoff performance, requiring adjustments and strategic planning to maintain competitiveness in the postseason.

However, before they can even contemplate thinking about the postseason, the Heat has to overcome a motivated Chicago Bulls team.

The Bulls are fresh off a victory over the Atlanta Hawks which gave them this chance to make the playoffs, and they will be further buoyed by the news that Butler will officially miss Friday night’s game.

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