Coach claims Dallas Mavericks teammates are relieved when Luka Doncic is not on the court

Coach claims Dallas Mavericks teammates are relieved when Luka Doncic is not on the court

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks are in the thick of a high-stakes battle in their second-round playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While many analysts predicted that the veteran-heavy Mavericks, led by Doncic and Kyrie Irving, would easily overpower the Thunder, the reality has been quite different.

Doncic and the Mavericks take the stress and pressure off after loss to Oklahoma as true friends

This week, a controversial debate has ignited over Doncic‘s impact on the court, as questions are swirling about whether the Mavericks perform better with or without their star player.

This discussion gained further traction when reports surfaced that some of Doncic‘s teammates might actually prefer playing in his absence. One NBA coach even suggested that the team’s dynamic improves when Doncic is on the bench.

“One veteran assistant coach, underscoring the ball-dominance issue, said you can almost sense a ‘sigh of relief’ among Doncic‘s teammates when he checks out of a game, ‘because it opens up a little more freedom’ for others to make plays,” a report from the Ringer stressed.

Statistical analyses have added fuel to the fire, indicating that in some instances, the Mavericks have indeed fared better without Doncic.

Despite these findings, Doncic remains the undisputed leader and centerpiece of the Mavericks franchise, a status unlikely to change anytime soon.

A solid Doncic display

The Mavericks secured a 119-110 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, tying the Western Conference semifinals at 1-2 as the series shifts back to Dallas for Game 3 on Saturday.

Doncic delivered 29 points, while P.J. Washington emerged as a surprising offensive spark, also scoring 29 points.

“I think today was one of the hardest games I’ve had to play,” Doncic said.

“I’m battling out there. I’m trying to do my best to help the team win.”

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