Confirm or Deny: Diane von Furstenberg

Confirm or Deny: Diane von Furstenberg

Maureen Dowd: Anne Hathaway was conceived in a wrap dress.

Diane von Furstenberg: Her mother told me that.

You once went to a party at Brigitte Bardot’s house in Saint-Tropez.

I did. It was pirate-themed.

You and Barry gave Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez their engagement party. You think they should be married in outer space.

I never said that.

Just as Lauren Sanchez is the model for the figurehead of Jeff Bezos’ yacht, you are the model for the figurehead of Barry’s yacht.

Well, what happened is that when Barry was building the boat, he wanted a figurehead, and I asked my friend, the sculptor, Anh Duong, to do it. So she started to be inspired because the boat is called Eos, for the goddess Eos, and then she asked me to pose for it. Mine is in metal. It’s very pretty. It has gone around the world twice. I may make a duplicate for my cemetery.

The word “boring” bores you.

Boring is not a word that I use, but I don’t like passivity for sure.

You have always been fascinated by mirrors.

It’s true. Mirror is very important. I need to have the contact with me. I hope it’s not vanity and I hope it’s not narcissism but I get strength form my own eye contact.

Diana Vreeland was the scariest person you ever met.

Well, she was intimidating. I also love to say that because it annoys Anna.

You shouldn’t wear vintage if you are vintage.

No, I love vintage. But when you dress up and you are older, you look older. That’s why I don’t like the Met Gala.

You always like to look a bit destroyed.

I do, I do, yes. What I mean is that even when I was younger, I liked women that looked a little worn as opposed to doll-like.

If you pack lightly, you live lightly.

Yes. I get my best design ideas packing.

You shared a hairdresser with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Yes, that’s when I would iron my hair.

Every morning, before you get out of bed, you send an email connecting one person to another who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to make a miracle a day.

Once a week, you give quality time to someone you ordinarily wouldn’t speak to.

You think you do it for them but you end up expanding your own horizon.

All high-powered career women need wives.

No, I would hate to have a wife. I can’t think of worse. I can barely have an assistant. I don’t like anyone to make my schedule.

There’s a jet set Barbie based on you, with a pink wrap dress, a suitcase, a passport and a newspaper under her arm.

There’s nothing I don’t have. My life is so pathetic.

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