Could Gyllenhaal beat Swayze in Road House showdown?

Could Gyllenhaal beat Swayze in Road House showdown?

Road House star Jake Gyllenhaal thinks he has some advantages of Patrick Swayze in a fight…so long as it’s not in the ’80s.

Gyllenhaal Road House

When the Road House remake was announced, we all wanted to know who would be taking the lead role, one that helped solidify Patrick Swayze as a marquee star of ‘80s cinema. At one point Rhonda Rousey was attached to a remake, which would have been one hell of a showdown in a fantasy match against Swayze. So, who would win in a Road House fight between Swayze and Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars in Doug Liman’s movie as Elwood Dalton (as opposed to Swayze’s James Dalton)? The victor may be Jake…at least according to Gyllenhaal.

When asked by Collider who would come out on top between the two Daltons of the two Road Houses, Jake Gyllenhaal says he thinks he gets a certain advantage, although Swayze would get the edge if the time was right. “Well, we all know that size doesn’t matter right from that movie, right? That is a line from the movie, the original movie…You remember that line, right?…Well, he’d certainly dance the shit out of it, so I couldn’t win there. I think, due to technology and the advancements in technology, I’m going to say that I think that my Dalton would win. But if we were face-to-face in the ‘80s, I’d give it to Patrick…It depends on the decade, and I would just say no one ever wins a fight…” Ironically, them there is some fightin’ words!

Gyllenhaal may get an edge overall, though, as he may do something that Swayze never got a chance to do: lead a Road House sequel, which Gyllenhaal is definitely on board for if it makes it to the table, saying, “I would love to. I love the role, I love the character. I love his humor. I love where he could go. The first thing I ever read in the script was the scene where he asked about insurance, if they have insurance, asked if their bikes are outside, and the essence of that character is there, and there’s so much more to explore in that space. So, yeah.”

The Jake Gyllenhaal Road House has been doing quite well with its target audience, so much so that there was a major call for the movie to be released in theaters as opposed to VOD, a decision that stirred up a lot of debate between not just fans but those directly involved with the movie.

Who would win in a Road House showdown: Jake Gyllenhaal or Patrick Swayze? What gives them the edge? Place your bet in the comments section below!

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