Cowboys star Micah Parsons reveals bizarre reason as to why he’s missing OTAs

Cowboys star Micah Parsons reveals bizarre reason as to why he’s missing OTAs

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy recently emphasized the importance of voluntary offseason training activities (OTAs), referring to them as “an opportunity to improve.” His comments came in the wake of edge rusher Micah Parsons opting to skip these sessions. McCarthy remarked that Parsons had missed a valuable chance for development, saying, “It’s definitely an opportunity that’s been missed.”

However, Parsons, who has returned for this week’s mandatory minicamp, offered a different perspective on his absence. He stressed his personal approach to preparation, saying, “I have always had my own way of doing things.” Parsons highlighted the extended duration of the upcoming training camp, which he believes will provide ample time for intensive practice, including sessions with full pads and hitting. In contrast, OTAs focus more on individual drills, which Parsons feels he can effectively conduct on his own or with his trainer.

Micah Parsons explains why he doesn’t think T.J. Watt is eliteZach Gelb Show / X

The linebacker, known for his exceptional performance on the field, described himself as “an undersized rusher that gets banged up every year.” He emphasized the importance of using the offseason to allow his body to heal, grow stronger, and prepare for the upcoming season. This period, he argued, is crucial for his physical conditioning and longevity in the sport.

Parsons linked his health strategy to his aspirations for a new contract. Acknowledging the business side of professional football, he noted, “This is all I have to offer to the Cowboys. Before you sign a contract, you go through a physical… This is your engine. This is where all of my equity lies. Availability is the best ability.” Parsons underlined the importance of being in peak condition, as failing to do so could jeopardize his future with the team. “If I’m not available when it really matters because my body is not healing properly or I didn’t get all of the rehab I need to be successful, then that’s on me. It’s not on them. They’ll just find the next me,” he stated.

Parsons is the face of the Dallas defense

Parsons has been a standout performer, recording 40.5 sacks in just 50 regular-season games. His ability to disrupt opposing offenses makes him a critical asset to the Cowboys, and finding a replacement with similar impact would be challenging. This context makes the team’s cautious approach to his contract extension surprising to some, while also underscoring the rationale behind Parsons’s meticulous focus on his physical health ahead of the season.

As the Cowboys prepare for a long and demanding training camp, Parsons’s commitment to his unique training regimen and his understanding of the business dynamics within the NFL illustrate his strategic approach to maintaining peak performance and securing his professional future.

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