Cronos (CRO) Introduces zkEVM Bridge Campaign for CRO Staking

Cronos (CRO) Introduces zkEVM Bridge Campaign for CRO Staking

Cronos (CRO) Introduces zkEVM Bridge Campaign for CRO Staking

The blockchain ecosystem Cronos (CRO) has announced a new campaign to promote the use of its zkEVM Bridge. This initiative aims to reward users who lock and stake CRO tokens from Ethereum or Cronos EVM into the Cronos zkEVM bridge, accumulating points towards the Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program, according to Cronos.

Get Ready for the zkEVM Journey

The campaign, named Cronos zkEVM Passage, is designed to incentivize users to bridge their assets to Cronos zkEVM as it approaches its mainnet launch. The bridge, powered by Veno Finance, will allow users to lock CRO from Ethereum or CRO/LCRO from Cronos EVM, earning them points redeemable for additional yield in participating decentralized applications (dApps).

Campaign Details

The campaign runs from July 4th until the mainnet launch of zkEVM. Accepted tokens include CRO from both Ethereum and Cronos EVM, as well as LCRO from Cronos EVM. Participants need to visit the Cronos zkEVM bridge page to lock and stake their assets. These assets will be converted into zkCRO and locked in a multi-signature contract until the mainnet launch, expected in Q3 2024.

Early depositors will benefit from:

  1. Receiving zkCRO ready for use on mainnet.
  2. Accumulating early adopter points in the Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program.
  3. Starting to earn staking yield on their CRO, with earlier deposits yielding more zkCRO.

Eligibility and Participation

The campaign is open to anyone holding CRO on Ethereum or Cronos EVM. Those holding CRO on a crypto exchange can withdraw it to Ethereum (ERC20) to participate. The initiative encourages broad participation, welcoming users to inform their peers about the campaign.

Tracking Your Points

In the coming weeks, the Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program’s webpage will be launched. By connecting their wallets, users will be able to monitor their accumulated points in real-time.


As Cronos moves closer to the launch of its zkEVM mainnet, this campaign provides an opportunity for users to join the journey and earn additional yields. The campaign is a strategic move to bolster the adoption of the zkEVM network, offering early participants significant benefits.

For more information and to start depositing, visit the Cronos zkEVM bridge page.

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