Dak Prescott was spotted wearing a walking boot spreads rumors of a possible injury

Dak Prescott was spotted wearing a walking boot spreads rumors of a possible injury

Dallas Cowboys fans are spooked after quarterback Dak Prescott was spotted wering a walking boot after suffering a minor injury on his right ankle during a trip to Mexico. According to ESPN, this boot he was spotted wearing on Wdnesday evening was only a precaution but Dak apparently does not have any serious injuries. However, the picture’s provenance or date is still unclear and Todd Archer at ESPN confirmed he asked Prescott’s reps and they told him he is no longer wearing this boot. Last season, Dak was at the forefront of the MVP race with the Dallas Cowboys and made all the fans hopeful that they would probably get a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. This wasn’t the case as the team was eliminated during the playoffs.

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Will this injury impact Dak Prescott’s pre-season training?

According to the report from ESPN, Dak Prescott’s injury is not expected to affect the pre-season training or their first training camp on July 25. Currently, there is no information of how Dak suffered this injury or if it happened during the trip to Cabo San Lucas. The last time the Dallas Cowboys organized their most recent training session was on June 5. For context, Dak Prescott did undergo a season-ending surgery for a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle back in 2020 after suffering an injury during that season’s Week 5 game against the New York Giants. Since the surgery took place, Dak hasn’t suffered any other injury on that ankle until this one.

Currently, Dak is about to entre the final year of his running contract that will pay him $29 million for the 2024 season. So in a nutshell, the initial images of him wearing that boot remain inconclusive despite the report from ESPN. People want to know why he was wearing that boot in the first place. It is known that Cabo San Lucas can get quite hot during the summer and perhaps that has been affecting his ankle. But we won’t know for sure if he suffered a real injury or not until we get confirmation from the man himself. until then, all we can do is wait.

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