Former Laker Matt Barnes can already tell Bronny James is going to get even more hate

Former Laker Matt Barnes can already tell Bronny James is going to get even more hate

Pretty much every current or former NBA star is feeling positive envy for what LeBron James and Bronny James are about to experience. This will be the first time in NBA history that father and son shre the same team and the only hate Bronny is getting comes from fans, the media, or the NBA fraternity. One of the former players sounding this alarm is former Laker Matt Barnes, who was just on Le Batard show to talk about the positive envy he feels that LeBron James is getting to play with his son. Other former players like Magic Johnson, Dwyane Wade, or Shaquille O’Neal have already expressed how happy they feel for the news. But Barnes thinks more hate is coming from the NBA fraternity and the media.

Bronny James should brace himself for more hate?

To thos who are not aware, Matt Barnes also has sons who are aspiring NBA stars, he knows exactly the type of scrutiny they feel and what Bronny is currently going through. Barnes is convinced the eldest of the James gang has been putting in the work and deserves this opportunity. But he also warns: “I would have given anything to be able to play on the same court in the NBA with my son. I think obviously there’s going to be fans that wrap their arms around him and embrace him. But we all know being in this game whether it be media or the actual uh, sport, the hate is always louder than the love. I love the fact that he’s there and he’s getting an opportunity to play with his dad.”

In the past, Barnes wore the No. 9 jersey that Bronny James picked, so he already has a soft spot for the kid. He mentions how more disrespect may also comeLeBron James’ way. Those who know will recognize that Matt Barnes is the one who coined the term ‘Bron-gevity’. Despite this criticism that is still coming their way, Barnes thinks that Bronnys work ethic will be the beacon of light that will help him navogate through the trolling and bad intentions. It’s already hard-enough being the son of a former NBA star. But being the son of arguably the GOAT of basketball, has to be on a entirely different level.

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