Former NBA player dampens Caitlin Clark’s impact and puts Victor Wembanyama above her

Former NBA player dampens Caitlin Clark’s impact and puts Victor Wembanyama above her

Caitlin Clark versus Victor Wembanyama. Perhaps not a conversation on many people’s agendas but that’s what an ex-NBA legend has decided to bring up as he insists that the San Antonio Spurs star is better than the Indiana Fever‘s fantastic prospect.

The two rookie picks in their respective basketball leagues are both tipped to go on to be, at the very least, two of the finest talents to grace their disciplines and now Gilbert Arenas has poised them against each other on his latest podcast, as he said Clark simply doesn’t have the same value.

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“Do you know the [San Antonio] Spurs went up $500 million [in valuation] just getting the number one pick [last year],” Arenas said to the Gil Arenas Podcast. “When the Spurs got the number 1 pick and it was going to be Wemby (Victor Wembanyama) it went up $500 million.

“[Caitlin Clark]’s already drafted. Impact? We can say whose impact is bigger. We gotta wait until the end of the [WNBA] season because we know what Wemby has done. His season’s over with. So we’ve to wait for her.”

The Caitlin Clark effect is real, however. One of the co-hosts pointed out that after she spent the year selling out NCAA venues at college level, WNBA teams have already asked for their fixtures against the Fever to be moved to bigger stadiums/arenas so they can watch the overall one pick do her thing.

In her WNBA Draft, the viewership was demolished as 601,000 people aged 20 tuned in to watch with an overall audience of 2,450,000 people watching the guard be selected and tickets for her clash against Angel Reese‘s Chicago Sky have already boomed by over 1600 percent in value.

But Wembanyama‘s impact is undoubtable too. After joining the Spurs in 2023 as the first pick in the NBA Draft, the Texas side’s value shot up to $3.25 billion dollars, over a billion increase in value.

Who is Gilbert Arenas?

Arenas, known as “Agent Zero,” was a dynamic guard in the NBA. He entered the league in 2001, drafted by the Golden State Warriors. Arenas made his mark with the Washington Wizards, where he became a three-time NBA All-Star.

He was known for his scoring ability, clutch performances, and fearless demeanor on the court. Despite injuries affecting his later years, Arenas left a lasting impact on the game.

Off the court, he remained a colorful personality, known for his candidness and social media presence. Arenas retired in 2013, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most electrifying guards of his era.

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