Is Justin Fields going from quarterback to kick returner? Steelers’ star chimed in to the internet’s latest rumor

Is Justin Fields going from quarterback to kick returner? Steelers’ star chimed in to the internet’s latest rumor

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Justin Fields found himself at the center of a silly rumor recently, as running back Jaylen Warren hinted at a potential unconventional role for Fields in the upcoming season.

Warren suggested on Cam Heyward’s podcast that special teams coordinator Danny Smith had floated the idea of utilizing Fields as a kickoff returner.

Russell Wilson throws out the first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates game

Fields laughs off special teams speculation

Fields swiftly brushed off the notion, clarifying that the suggestion was more of a hypothetical example than a concrete plan.

“Nah, I think everybody kind of interpreted it wrong,”Fields stated, addressing the speculation in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Coach Danny was basically just trying to send a message that no matter who you are, you could be on special teams. He just used that as an example.”

Fields, known for his prowess as a quarterback, revealed that the idea elicited a smirk from him, considering he hadn’t played special teams since his middle school days.

“It’s funny how serious social media takes everything,” Fields remarked, reflecting on the media frenzy surrounding the speculation.

“It was kind of funny to me when everybody was making a big deal about it for no reason.”

Fields focusing on battle against Wilson

While some may wonder if Fields is intentionally downplaying the idea to catch opponents off guard, the quarterback reiterated his focus on mastering the Steelers’ offensive scheme and competing for the starting quarterback position against Russell Wilson.

“Nah, I’m not here to do that,”Fields emphasized regarding the notion of playing special teams.

“It was kind of a joke, to be honest with you.”

Fields’ arrival in Pittsburgh came after a trade deal with the Chicago Bears, where he showcased his dual-threat abilities with over 2,500 passing yards and 657 rushing yards last season.

Despite the competition for the starting role, which Fields embraces wholeheartedly, the idea of risking him on kickoff returns seems impractical.

With the NFL’s new rules on kick returns potentially opening up opportunities for creative strategies, Fields’ name may have been thrown into the mix, but his focus remains squarely on quarterbacking duties.

As the Steelers prepare for the upcoming season, it’s evident that Fields’ talents will be best utilized under center rather than returning kicks.

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