Joana Sanz forgives Dani Alves and they can be seen holding hands: I’m not a masochist

Joana Sanz forgives Dani Alves and they can be seen holding hands: I’m not a masochist

Joana Sanz has officially confirmed her relationship status with Dani Alves on her social media, specifically on Instagram.

This announcement comes after Dani Alves was released from prison on bail amounting to one million euros, following a year and four months at Brians 2. Sanz shared a photo featuring the Brazilian footballer on her profile, solidifying the reality of their continued relationship.

The confirmation was further substantiated by ‘Diez Minutos’ magazine, which captured the couple strolling hand in hand through the streets of Barcelona. This public display of affection leaves no doubt that Joana Sanz has forgiven Alves, who faces accusations of a severe nature, with a potential sentence of four years and six months for an incident at the Sutton nightclub.

Why has Sanz made this decision?

Following a period away due to work commitments, Joana Sanz returned home and promptly asserted her support for Alves by posting what appears to be their first reunion photo, showcasing their intertwined hands.

In earlier Instagram comments, Sanz expressed gratitude towards those who have shown her kindness and support during this challenging time. She acknowledged the positive interactions she has encountered in public, affirming that these gestures have encouraged her to remain active on social media despite the negative aspects. Sanz candidly shared her happiness, contentment, and focus on work, emphasizing her current state of peace and satisfaction.

This public acknowledgment from Joana Sanz underscores her decision to stand by Dani Alves during his tumultuous legal proceedings. Despite the gravity of the accusations, Sanz’s unwavering support signals a commitment to their relationship amidst significant public scrutiny.

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