Lakers’ confidence against Nuggets shaken by reporter’s personal question to LeBron James

Lakers’ confidence against Nuggets shaken by reporter’s personal question to LeBron James

LeBron James is lacking confidence to face the Denver Nuggets? That was the question from a reporter that irked the king during a short press conference after a Los Angeles Lakers practice.

“Your question sounds very personal to me,” LeBron responded to the sports journalist’s concern. And one cannot deny the truth. The Lakers are facing the current NBA champions. Jokic, Murray, and Gordon form a powerful trio, and indeed the Lakers have lost all games against them in the regular season.

LeBron demonstrated his maturity as a veteran player in his response. Perhaps a younger version of the king would have exploded with emotions. “We have a game plan,” James replied to the curiosity of the other journalists who were expecting a stronger reaction.

The Lakers are now a healthy team

It’s a rematch from last season’s playoffs. The Denver Nuggets had the significant advantage that Anthony Davis and LeBron James themselves weren’t at 100%. However, they were always putting up a fight, but the chemistry between Jokic and Murray was impossible to stop.

Lakers vs. Jokic: the decisive matchup

To be more precise, Anthony Davis vs. Jokic. Everything will revolve around this duel. If AD can limit the “Joker’s” freedom to assist his teammates and win the battle of offensive rebounds, the Lakers have a great chance of winning the games. The progression of the series will tell, and the coaches’ IQ will be reflected in the adjustments they make.

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