Laporta: Negreira? There is nothing, what influences the league is Real Madrid TV

Laporta: Negreira? There is nothing, what influences the league is Real Madrid TV

Joan Laporta continues to be the talk of the town. On this occasion, he expressed his annoyance with Real Madrid’s attitude towards the videos that their official television channel dedicates every match week to the refereeing team.

“I am still angry and indignant because what Real Madrid Television does is a disgrace”, he declared in the second part of the interview he gave to the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

An exemplary sanction

However, his criticism did not stop there and went further, calling for a solution: “I think that the football regulators should intervene here because that really is influencing, trying to influence the referees every week, every other week,” he said.

In fact, he went so far as to hint at what would happen if Barcelona were the ones doing it: “Imagine if we were like that all day, we would have been sanctioned.

“I think that of course it deserves an exemplary sanction,” he said. “I don’t agree at all with the way Real Madrid TV is acting on this issue because it can also impact the competition”, he said. An opinion that he maintained throughout the interview and when he was asked about it: “If measures are not taken, it could impact the competition.”

Broken relations with Real Madrid… except over the Super League

Laporta didn’t just talk about the videos. He also talked about the relationship that currently exists between the two clubs.

“There isn’t a good relationship with Madrid,” he said. A tense situation that is understandable because of the ‘Negreira case’, as he thinks that the decisions that the club has taken in this regard is “an aberration”.

“They asked for the investigation to be extended when there is nothing and they won’t find anything because there is nothing (…) what there was was a technical referee assessment and with reports and videos provided as evidence”, said Laporta.

There is one area where Laporta does understand Florentino Prez: the European Super League.

“This is a more of an economic issue or one of our economic interests. We are there because it is in Bara’s interest,” he stated, explaining his reasons. “If we had started that competition now, in two years we would have made a lot of money.

“I think that it will be a very attractive competition and I think it will start in 2025. The resistance of two clubs like Barcelona and Madrid against those who made the stampede and UEFA, has paid off”.

The Joaos… are they staying?

In addition, there was also time to talk about the possibility of both Joao Flix and Joao Cancelo staying at FC Barcelona.

The two players, who are currently on loan from Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, have become key players for Xavi, and Laporta sees them in the team, along with Ansu Fati next year.

“I think they will continue. I hope that Atletico Madrid don’t have any objections to Joao Felix continuing with us and I don’t think City will either,” said Laporta. “What I can’t say now, because it will depend a lot on the amounts involved, is whether we are going to sign them or extend the loan.”

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