Late Night With the Devil: Interview with David Dastmalchian

Late Night With the Devil: Interview with David Dastmalchian

We interview the great David Dastmalchian about his sleeper hit, the horror breakout Late Night With the Devil.

Late Night With The Devil is a special sort of film that combines reality and horrific fantasy into the depths of what a man will do to succeed.  Even when you know you need to stop, the drive keeps you going.  You need to see, you need to win.  And it’s there that the devil makes himself known.

Taking place during a live broadcast in 1977 on Halloween Night, the film shows us the biggest night of Jack Delroy, talk show host’s, career.  It also happens to be the most infamous night in talk show history.  Jack is desperate to win the audience and all the ratings as he fights to be the king of Late Night.  Jack decides to bring together different aspects of the supernatural for a Halloween night no one will forget, and one of his guests may be the devil himself.

Actor David Dastmalchian has been in some of the biggest blockbuster films of the last many years.  Dune, The Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2049, and most recently Oppenheimer.  But not many film viewers have seen the actor take on a lead role.  Here in Late Night With The Devil, Dastmalchian takes center stage and shows he’s got what it takes to keep your eyes glued to a screen…even if you are creeped out and want to turn away (check out our review here).

Dastmalchian joined me for a conversation about the film and how we all have a little bit of a devil in us.

Late Night With The Devil is now in theaters (indeed it made an unholy $666,666 at the box office Sunday) and will be streaming on Shudder exclusively on April 19th.

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