Let’s Talk About Hollywood Portrayals of Asian and Asian American Men (and Real-Life Romance)

Let’s Talk About Hollywood Portrayals of Asian and Asian American Men (and Real-Life Romance)

When “Crazy Rich Asians” premiered in 2018, news outlets heralded the film as a watershed moment in pop culture. Asian American men have a long history of being portrayed in unflattering ways onscreen, and experts have said those negative portrayals can have real ramifications on their romantic lives. But “Crazy Rich Asians,” a box-office blockbuster, presented Asian men as romantically desirable. Other movies and TV series quickly followed suit. And recently, new surveys have suggested that dating prospects for Asian American men are improving.

How much has really changed?

The New York Times is interested in hearing what people of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations think about the onscreen portrayal of Asian and Asian American men, and how those depictions may affect romantic experiences in real life. Are there particular depictions of Asian men in American films and TV shows that haunt you? Are there memories you want to share, frustrations you want to vent or personal triumphs you hold close?

We’d appreciate your help sharing this questionnaire in your networks, including in spaces where these conversations may be happening in private, like group chats.

Please share your story with us by June 14. We will read every response as it comes in and follow up with a portion of respondents to hear more. We won’t publish any part of your response without following up with you first, verifying your information and hearing back from you. We won’t share your contact information outside our newsroom or use it for any reason other than to get in touch with you.

This story is part of a series on how Asian Americans are shaping American popular culture. The series is funded through a grant from The Asian American Foundation. Funders have no control over the selection and focus of stories or the editing process and do not review stories before publication. The Times retains full editorial control of this series.

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