Magic Johnson urges Caitlin Clark to call Larry Bird amid her rough rookie season

Magic Johnson urges Caitlin Clark to call Larry Bird amid her rough rookie season

It’s true, folks! Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark is very lucky and she didn’t realize that she actually has a legend living near her to offer his advice if she asked. We are talking about Larry Bird, who is an Indiana native and also happens to be an NBA legend. But the comparisons between that rookie war in the early ’80s and today’s rookie war are more than people think. In a recent statement, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson actually reminded Clark she can totally just call up his nemesis and ask him for advice. During that era, both Johnson and Bird made their NBA debut on the same year and they were coming from a basty battle in the NCAA finals that Magic won.

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With Caitlin Clark, there are some differences but all the ingredients for another epic and historic rookie war are definitely there. Only this time we have not two, but three impressive rookies who promise to light up the WNBA for the next decade. Citlin Clark could definitely use some advice from Larry Bird, who was at the very center of the NBA’s revival and has the experience to tell Clark how to best conduct herself. Magic Johnson is no longer Larry Bird’s nemesis, they remain great friends to this day but they sure left memorable moments during their rookie season. If anybody can advice Citlin Clark, Angel Reese, or Camerin Brink. It definitely Magic and Bird.

Magic Johnson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Clark’s impact in the WNBA and said this: “Yeah, call Larry Bird. Yeah, call Larry Bird. Ask him for advice. I mean Indiana. He’s already there. And I think that he could give her great advice on how to handle these situations because he went through it himself. So it would be a perfect sit… a situation. He already lived there, grew up in Indiana, and on and on. I think it would be great. Veterans are going to test you right, and if they feel that you’ve gotten more money or more publicity, you know they… they’re upset about that.”

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