Magnussen’s unrepeatable record: Six penalties in Miami!

Magnussen’s unrepeatable record: Six penalties in Miami!

Kevin Magnussen gave a new exclusive episode to Netflix in Miami for the next season of Drive To Survive.

His six penalties in the same weekend have never been seen before and it is going to be difficult to repeat it and not cause a black flag, which would have been perhaps the fairest thing to do. In any sport…

Because he himself acknowledged “all the penalties were fair,” he said. “But I had to do my own thing, those tactics I don’t like, but it was to protect Nico (Hulkebnerg) and get him points. It’s not the way I want to race, but that’s the way I had to do it”.

Kevin, author of the team’s only pole position, was spared a penalty for alleged unsportsmanlike behavior.

However, the stewards say that “they should consider whether, in cases of recidivism, the penalties should be increased to avoid scenarios like today.

Because three were for the same “leaving the track and gaining a lasting advantage”, and the fourth was for “leaving the track multiple times for no justifiable reason”. And in 19 laps no more.

The next day, already in the long race, Magnussen rounded off the performance with a slap to the local hero, Logan Sargeant, entering him through the blind spot in turn 3 and throwing him into the barriers with a broken car.

“For causing a collision, 10 seconds and two points”, only that when he re-entered the pit during the safety car period he did so without changing tires: another 20 seconds. It was the team’s mistake, but by now the Dane was ready to protest: 65 seconds in total, more than a minute lost,

And he was lucky he didn’t get one more point, because with the 10 points he has, he leads the drivers’ table and is on the verge of disqualification.

Two more points between now and March next year, which is a lot of races for this hot-blooded driver, and when he turns 12 he will have a one-race suspension, so Haas will temporarily upgrade Ollie Bearman, who has already raced with Ferrari to replace Sainz (Saudi Arabia).

The last driver sanctioned without running a race was Romain Grosjean, in Italy 2012, after his start in Belgium of which Fernando Alonso still remembers with terror.

Before that, it was Michael Schumacher, two in fact, for that black flag he ignored in 1994.

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