Max Verstappen opens up on what forced him to leave the Australian GP in the 5th lap

Max Verstappen opens up on what forced him to leave the Australian GP in the 5th lap

The Australian Grand Prix opened up with an unexpected situation after last year’s winner Max Verstappen had to retire on the fifth lap of the race in Melbourne after it was impossible to extend his winning streak which totaled nine before the date Australian GP.

What happened to Max Verstappen’s vehicle?

The brake box of Verstappen’s Red Bull car began to fail, which caused his engine to start smoking, Max had to abandon the race and give up his winning streak after starting the Australian GP from pole position.

Carlos Sainz Jr. and Charles Leclerc, both from Ferrari, made it 1-2 for the Prancing Horse team. Sergio ‘Checo Prez, Verstappen’s teammate, finished fifth.

“It was like driving with the handbrake on.”

I’m disappointed not to have finished a race that we could have won because the car has been improving throughout the weekend.

Max Verstappen / Red Bull driver

Verstappen said it was an unfortunate incident to be left out of the Australian Grand Prix, as his car was improving in free practice sessions and Qualifying race.

“It’s unfortunate what happened today, but from what we’ve seen in the data, the moment the lights went out (at the start), the right rear brake got caught and locked up.”

The Dutchman said that the way the car reacted was not normal, since at the moment of the race, he noticed that his car started to behave unusually.

“It was like driving with the handbrake on and, as a consequence, the temperature was rising; until I saw smoke coming out because it had caught fire.”

Although Verstappen was unable to string together his tenth win in a row, the defending champion noted that there is no time for regrets and there is work to be done ahead of the Japanese GP.

We knew a day like this would come sometime, so we have to be proud to have made it nine wins in a row, and now we have to focus on coming back stronger in Suzuka.

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