NBA Draft Combine 2024: How does Bronny James rank for the Sunday event?

NBA Draft Combine 2024: How does Bronny James rank for the Sunday event?

If Bronny James hadn’t suffered that cardiac arrest during a training session in 2023, perhaps he would be one of the highest-ranked new prospects in next Sunday’s NBA Draft Combine 2024 lottery. The event is taking place in a complicated year for Bronny during his first full season at USC Trojans. Recovering from that cardiac arrest has been a real struggle for him but that didn’t prevent him from making the decision to be part of the Draft next Sunday. According to experts and analysts, it is highly unlikely that Bronny James’ name will come up during the lottery. We need to make it clear that we will have the combine next Sunday and the actual Darft is almost two months away.

Bronny James gets new look ahead of NBA Draft

Where does Bronny James rank in the NBA Darft 2024?

According to the official NBA Draft Combine list for next Sunday, Bronny James ranks 90th on it. This is definitely due to that health scare and setback last year. Upon returning to activity after being cleared by doctors, Bronnny James hasn’t exactly been at the level he had before the cardiac arrest. However, he’s been steadily improving over the last few months. According to reports coming from his father’s agent, Bronny James’ goal to be part of the next Draft is to possible get a spot in the G-League to prove himself there first and eventually get a chance in the NBA.

Bronny James is aware of the weight his last name carries and is in no way interested in being labeled as a nepo baby. He wants to carve his own pth and earn his way inside the NBA. If he does this considering what he has already gone through, we can easily say he will have a fruitful career in the league. For now, all that matters is that Bronny James can keep improving his game and thathe stays healthy. In numbers, Bronny James has been ratd as a four-star recruit and a Top 30 to 50 player fresh out of high school. At 6 feet 4 inches with a 6feet 8 inches wingspan. The 190 pound payer is ready to keep improving.

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