Pat McAfee casts shadows on Deshaun Watson’s future and points to him as big problem for Cleveland Browns

Pat McAfee casts shadows on Deshaun Watson’s future and points to him as big problem for Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have secured the futures of General Manager Andrew Berry and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski by extending their contracts.

However, sports analyst Pat McAfee has expressed concerns that the significant financial commitment to quarterback Deshaun Watson could become a major challenge for the team.

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After moving on from Baker Mayfield, the Browns made a bold move by signing Deshaun Watson to a fully guaranteed $230 million contract. This decision was made despite Watson being under investigation for sexual misconduct by the NFL at the time.

Watson faced a suspension and injuries that have prevented him from completing a full season with the Browns since signing.

McAfee’s concerns

McAfee shared his doubts about Watson‘s current performance level. He praised Berry as a smart football executive and commended Stefanski for his coaching abilities, including leading the Browns to the playoffs and making strategic moves like bringing in veteran Joe Flacco.

However, McAfee pointed out that the real concern lies with Watson‘s ability to live up to his contract.

According to McAfee, the scrutiny should be on Watson, whose capabilities and performance are under question, rather than on the competence of the general manager or the head coach.

Andrew Berry played at Harvard. He’s a football guy,” he noted.

“He knows the locker room and he’s a genius.

“Now, he did have to pay $230 million guaranteed to a quarterback, and we don’t know if [Watson is] ever gonna get back to the form of being a $230 million quarterback, but [Berry] and Stefanski‘s big brain seemingly having Cleveland rowing in the right direction.”

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