Randi Mahomes bears the brunt of fame for being the mother of the NFL’s GOAT

Randi Mahomes bears the brunt of fame for being the mother of the NFL’s GOAT

It’s inevitable that with NFL success comes fame and fortune. However, not everybody is comfortable with that kind of sacrifice, and others have no choice at all.

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL and is perhaps the most recognizable star the league has had since Tom Brady was in his final years in Tampa Bay.

Patrick Mahomes is aiming for the GOAT status

As such, Patrick Mahomes and his family can barely lift a finger without it becoming headline news.

This doesn’t even just impact Mahomes’ immediate family, with even his parents and brother being thrust into the spotlight, although his brother has been far more appreciative of that than his mother, Randi.

What did Patrick Mahomes’ mother say?

Randi Mahomes revealed her longing for a regular life during an appearance on The Mom Game podcast in June.

“I look at some of my friends on social media and I’m jealous that they have this normal life,” she explained.

“Their kids are the same age as Patrick (28) and Jackson (24), and they have this normal situation and we don’t. It’s super difficult.”

Randi, 48, shares her sons with her ex-husband and former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr., and she is also the mother to 12-year-old Mia Randall from a different relationship.

Randi has worked as an event planner for 20 years, and while she remains passionate about her career, her sons’ high-profile lifestyles have complicated things.

“We just want to be normal and go and have dinner. We don’t do that. At my work, it’s really hard because 90 percent of my phone calls aren’t about work. I still go to work and want to live normal,” she continued.

“As much as I say we’re blessed and Patrick’s living his dream, it has been the hardest seven years of my adult life.

“It’s been really hard to juggle…being proud of him and the hate that you get and the kids get. I can’t even explain how hard it’s been. I’ve cried a lot. I struggle with it.”

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